Your favorite movie...with a twist!

Maybe The Spirit of St. Louis with Jimmy Stewart?

Ape has killed ape! Or cheetah.

It’s for a noble cause: getting a naked picture of Mila Kunis. Also, there is some muppet-on-muppet violence.

12 Angry Men wouldn’t have had the same punch if it was about an embezzlement trial, but there’s very little violence in the jurors’ room. Except the old juror who gets hit on the head with wadded up paper.

Dazed and Confused is almost perfect except for the quick fight at the moon tower…and all the paddling dished out to the freshmen.

Swingers is close, except when Sue steps up to the other posse with a gun to protect his rep, bro.

This is almost as hard as passing the Bechdel test!

Ny first thought went to Totoro, but death and disease are very much a part of it, what with the mother and all. And Amelie features comedy suicde. Um…was there violence in the 40-Yearold Virgin?

Any movie that meets the criteria of “no violence, disease or death” is going to be a pretty dull movie unless we’re talking about one exceptional piece of slice-of-life writing. Conflict is the core element of drama, so without some kind of threat or dire circumstance to overcome you basically have no story.

Run-by-fruiting = violence.

So, I take it you haven’t seen Babette’s Feast?

Also, is Napoleon Dynamite a breezy comedy? I didn’t interpret it that way, but I’ll admit to having pretty low standards.

Ooh, and now I have another – and most certainly not a breezy comedy: Yasujirō Ozu’s Late Spring.

In general, I think the European and Japanese do this genre much better than do the Americans.

Bzzzt. It has one of the great death scenes in cinema.

Does talking about death count for Annie Hall? Or is it the lobsters?

Does Rushmore qualify? Max’s mom is dead but that’s just backstory for texture and mood more than anything.

Max tries to kill Bill Murray with a tree… That’s probably violence.

“Don’t fuck with my play!”
followed by punch to the face.

Driving Miss Daisy - At least I don’t remember any violence in that movie.

Waiting For Guffman

Best in Show

Glengary Glenross - If you sidestep a little bit and let the threat of financial ruin pass as non-violent.

How about Playtime?
Saw that in an open air theatre last night. Wonderful movie.

A synagogue gets firebombed, IIRC.

The Party? Oh wait, Peter Sellers has a long, long, overdramatic and very funny death scene at the beginning.

I don’t remember any death or violence in The Cup.

I found that film fun at the beginning, but then it devolves into that weird mid-1960’s “wacky for wacky’s sake” genre when the party of the film’s title happens.

Tampopo also features a graphic scene of a real, live turtle getting its throat slit.

Also, in Nobody’s Fool, Paul Newman punches a cop in the face, and throws Bruce Willis through a window (though the latter is revealed to be a daydream).

I’ll nominate Best Years of Our Lives. One character has lost both hands in WW2, but that has already happened by the movie’s start. What about Real Genius? There are lots of pranks pulled, but no one gets physically harmed. Also, Umberto D.