Your Favorite Saw?

Saw III for me.

This machine haunted my dreams…

I think the dinosaur pictures are a fine old saw, as is making fun of podiums.

I have not saw any of those movies yet.

I will not see any of those movies ever, and would not want to know anyone who considers themselves a fan of them.

My favorite Saw is the one where that person gets tortured. Or tortures himself. Or something.

The Hole Hawg.

I look forward to Friedberg and Seltzer writing and producing Torture Porn Movie. Now that’ll be hilarious!

You are my new favorite poster for the rest of the day.


I watched the first one. It was worth sitting through it for the banana phone parody.

Mine is the one where they kill whoever thought it would be a good idea to keep making sequels.

Like Halloween, the first one is good and no sequels should ever have been created.

Yeah, pretty much this.