Your favorite VPN for streaming and multiple devices?

Since I want to unlock Anno 1800 early by pretending I’m an Aussie, I figure I might as well take the full dunk and get a VPN I’ll keep forever since every time I’m in the hospital half the Internet is blocked (most Youtube videos too) due to their firewall.

Do you all have a VPN you really like that would be fast enough for streaming but cheap too?

The politics forum probably isn’t the best place for this thread, but I’ve used Private Internet Access for more than 5 years and am quite happy with them. Plenty of access points to get at whatever region’s content I want and not much impact on bandwidth.

HAHA WOOPS! I thought I was in tech.

I would be curious as to working solutions for cross-regional Netflix etc but all I can offer is two that definitely don’t work - VyprVPN and Torguard.

I’m giving NordVPN a try right now. IT’s the cheapest and seems to be second highest ranked of the major VPN’s.

ExpressVNP here, impressively good so far. Ranked as first or second for Aussies so YMMV in the US, but when I was overseas recently it performed admirably (actually even better because I wasn’t in Australia!).

They’re easy to track because of shared IPs. I did come across something old that should work with a little setup, if you’re slightly technically minded.

I love NordVPN but I don’t know how well it works for Netflix or Steam.

I’m a former Private Internet Access user but switched over and feel happier with Nord.

I forgot to mention, ExpressVNP works flawlessly with Netflix (one of the reasons we went with it).

Astrill is excellent for jump China’s great firewall - not sure about elsewhere.

From my limited experience, steam doesn’t care much about regional unlocks with a VPN.

Don’t try to shop thought…

PIA doesn’t work with Netflix, it is too popular. It is fairly fast and reliable thought.

I hit on almost exactly the same solution myself last year. Would never have the patience to write it up like that, though.