Your favourite game menu music

Some games have these instantly recognizable menu music that you like hearing over and over again, and that makes you smile when you hear it in a trailer for a sequel. Some of those instantly recognizable tunes that stuck in my mind are:

  1. Age of Empires II.
  2. Battlefield.
  3. That awful metal soundtrack in the Doom 3 menu which I really liked for some reason.
  4. Halo.
  5. Sands of Time middle eastern themed menu music.

Those first 2 are my favourites though. What’s yours?

Unreal. Unreal Tournament. Starcraft. Also Ultima 4, though it’s the same as the in-game “towne” music.

Baldur’s Gate - Loud Trumpets
Metroid Prime - Just really errie

Those are the only two that I can think of right now. That must mean they standout the most.

Evil Genius takes all the spots on my list.

Without a doubt the Icewind Dale music. It’s only about a minute long and it is excellent. Another one that rings a bell is the intro music to Frontier:Elite 2 - the scene where the pirates attack an Imperial Courier, but that’s probably just nostalgia. The Halo menu music is something special aswell.

1.) FIFA 98 Road To World Cup - it featured Song 2 by Blur
2.) AOE II

Rome Total War. You never hear the menu music in gameplay which is a shame because its so good.

Also Vietcong.

moon patrol

  1. Unreal Tournament. Mysteriously awesome, as it seems kind of bland at first but grows on you until you’re humming it all the time.

  2. Planescape: Torment

  3. Crusader: No Remorse. Actually all of the music from this game rocked.

Special recognition goes to Thief (1) for the best credits music ever.

Hate to say it but Star Fox on the SNES.


Katamari Damacy!


Katamari and N.O.L.F.

Though there are many, these are the ones that instantly jump to my mind.

-Katamai Damacy
-Planescape: Torment

And, my favourite of all time:

-The Legend of Zelda

  1. Marathon 2: Durandal (short but oh so sweet)
  2. Descent 2 (goosebump-inducing)
  3. Alchemist (old ZX Spectrum game - seriously addictive title music)
  4. Dragontorc of Avalon (also old Speccy game)

Not much of late, apart from maybe POP: Sands of Time.

Freedom Force vs. the 3rd Reich. 'natch.

  1. Crusader: No Remorse. Actually all of the music from this game rocked.

Bingo. I kept thinking for a good menu music but wasn’t coming up with any. Crusader’s theme (and install music) rocked the hizouse.

I thought the chick band music from Heavy Metal FAKK 2’s menu was pretty damn good.


Fantasy General
The Longest Journey
Rome: Total War
Emperor of the Fading Suns
Interstate '76
Curse of Monkey Island

Those games also all had great soundtracks in general. I also really like the thematic music in the Battlefield 2 loading screens (does that count as menu music?), particularly the Chinese theme.