Your game of E3?

Waypoint asked the same question back in April:

Sony did not respond to my request for comment, but after emailing a bunch of developers at Wild Sheep Studio, one of them did get back to me with, well, something.

“Thank you for your interest,” said gameplay programmer Leonard Allain-Launay. “Wild Sheep Studio is still early stage and we’re not issuing press statements for now.”

Allain-Launay declined to elaborate further, but pointed me towards the game’s most recent press, where WiLD producer Mitsuo Hirakawa spoke with the French publication Jeux Video. I’ve translated Hirakawa’s answers using Google Translate, so please excuse some of the grammatical awkwardness.

“This team has a lot of energy, creativity,” he told Jeux Video. “It’s something I’ve learned over the years, identifying teams that have creative ambitions. This team is in the right direction, and we want to help them create a good PlayStation exclusivity. So we are not going to jostle them if they do not want to compromise on a subject. We wait patiently.

My game of E3 has been OnRush. You guys should play it.

I remember being really excited when they showed this, years ago, too.

Metro Exodus for me. Really enjoyed the last two Metro games, but this one looks like it takes the series in the correct (STALKER) direction.

Also Resident Evil 2. I was not expecting the remake to be as good looking as that was. I really loved RE2 back in the day so I’m looking forward to revisiting it in the remake. Needs VR like 7 though!

Ghosts of Tsushima looked gorgeous, it’s about damn time Sucker Punch got away from Infamous. Please give me Japanese audio with subtitles though.

I’m definitely most exicted by The Last of Us 2, although this wont be a game I can play when my kids are in the room…

BTW: do we have a thread about this game yet? Can’t find it with the search function…

I found it by putting the title in quotes AND restricting the search to only the Games subcategory. Luckily Scott titled the thread with the name of the game in it, so that worked.

Ah, oke. Thanks!!!

So do we know if Ellie can swim yet?

We do not. I don’t think they’d want to spoil that kind of vital detail at E3.

I’d have to say Assassins Creed Odyssey and Hitman 2. Probably because I wasn’t expecting them at all.
Also very intrigued by Halo Infinity.

All the good ideas are taken

That seems like a pretty good idea, where did she get it from if it wasn’t original?

What? That’s lame. What if you’re a fat dog who is also a vampire, and you need to try to find the weakest people to win over to give you scraps but when they bend over to do so you bite them on the neck and make them vampires, so they can help you grow your group of underlings - a dinner party of DOOM.

So, Vampug? ;)



Your game of E3?

Cyberpunk without a shadow of a doubt.

This was posted in the Nintendo thread for some reason, so I’m going to repost it here.

That Resident Evil 2 remake gave me the nostalgias, I bought a PlayStation twenty years ago just so I could play that and FF7. I’m probably going to have to buy that remake.

I was surprised to see that on their list. I enjoyed watching other people play RE games, but never really enjoyed playing them myself until RE5.

This one looks like it has more natural RE5-like controls though. If it’s a remake of RE2 though, won’t it be filled with really cheesy dialog and painful voice acting? Or are they re-doing all that too?

The article you linked on EG says this about the RE2 remake:

changes to the flow to keep us on our toes, and the intense, dark and foreboding atmosphere of the early games, mercilessly stripped of the camp factor they have acquired with age. It’s terrifying.

So sounds like removing some or most of the cheese is part of the changes.