Your gaming PC can't handle Disgaea 5's online features

Your gaming PC can’t handle Disgaea 5’s online features NIS America has explained the lack of online functionality in the Steam version of Disgaea 5 Complete. According to the publisher’s blog post, there are “irreconcilable platform differences” that prevent the network features from working. One of the features disabled in the inferior version of the game is the popular Map Edit Shop that allows users to share their creations. If only Steam had a kind of user sharing “workshop” built into it! Alas. Powerhouse platforms like the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch apparently do not suffer from whatever deficiencies plague the modern gaming PC using Steam.

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This reminds me a bit of the endless excuses not to make a linux version of a game.
“We don’t have a linux PC” - Linux can be installed in dual boot on ANY PC, you *****! Takes a day max if you do it the first time.
“Linux is too small an audience to bother” - Those who do support linux have reported about 2 - 10% (the latter if they are active within the community) of their income coming from linux. Linux userbase is also growing, albeit a bit slower than the Windows one currently (due to China, where linux is mostly unknown (yet)). There are companies and people making a business doing nothing else than porting games to linux, how is that even possible for a “too small audience”?
“There are too many linux systems to cover” - Just cover Ubuntu (and SteamOS, which iirc Valve requires for the stamp, if they still do that). Ubuntu is by far the most widespread and if it works there, it extremely likely works on most others as well. People understand that devs can not cover the small distros.
“Linux community is toxic” - Only if you treat them like shit, same as any community.

In the end, stuff like that comes down to laziness, lack of competence or wrong information (or all of them).

Thankfully, Valve has invested a lot into Wine and came up with Proton & Steam Play, with which you can already play a ton of Windows-only games, and which they are constantly improving. Right now, I’m playing Mordheim and Dark Souls 3 perfectly fine on linux.
My guess: In about two years, we’ll probably be able to play the majority of non-linux games on linux, just like that. Valve is definitely preparing for M$ trying to lock them out with that absurd Windows Store.

PS: Please, never say PC meaning “Windows”, PC is a collection of all personal computers, no matter which OS they run. It makes grown nerds cry :(


Don’t care about feature itself even though I heard some people complained that it helped with late game (or rather postgame) grinding.

The bullshit is that the blogpost says that it was decided “early in development” that those features would not be included but they only announce it few hours after the release. This feels like a scam even when the feature is inconsequential. Also the game is still called “Disgaea 5 Complete”.