Your Ideal Licensed Game

I’m with Rucker.

Go, make this game now. Nothing you do in your life is more important.

I was just thinking the other day how much I enjoyed playing the wargame Ogre, both the computer game by Origin and the old Steve Jackson game. I think it would be cool if someone updated it in the style of the Panzer General games, with all the expansions and scenarios - or just take an Ogre against the Paneuro army. I’d play that all the time.

Heh, that wasnt for r6:v, it’s WORSE. Thats a photo of the head on a 30 point of articulation custom sculpted 12 inch zombie doll I made…

I have a few of them.

ok, a small horde…

Ok, and a 6th scale model 7-11 that will eventually have the zombies ‘shopping’ inside with some corpses and a couple survivors holed up on the roof.

I’ve always felt that 40k just hasn’t gotten the love. Sure, you have Dawn of War, but it’s set firmly within RTS trappings. I much preferred the original Space Hulk, with its corridors of shadowy creeping dread, viciously brutal aliens busting through walls, jamming guns, and screaming Marines suffering fates worse than death. 40k is a grim and violent place, and the Genestealers were an excellent enemy. There’s just something about a squad of fearless warriors in powered armor fighting back a horde of monsters in a derelict spaceship.

Charles’ kind of stole my idea, but I wouldn’t use a first-person perspective. Melee combat has to be a viable and exciting option in Shadowrun, and melee in first-person games has always been ass, nor does it show any signs of unassing itself.

have it go to a ninja gaiden style 3rd person system for melee.

All games should allow you to toggle between first and third person at your discretion. It’s not like putting an avatar on the screen adds that much overhead.

A non persistent MMORPG + Dominions like game set in/during George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series. Imagine starting a game like dominions 3 where each primary player picks kingdom/house and runs the strategy for that house. Then any number of players can join the game to serve those houses and essentially play a faction based pvp mmo like DAoC. The game ends when a side wins, which could be days or months.

Why bother? You can’t aim nearly as well in third person, and most first person games require that you shoot as straight as possible. Also, in singleplayer games like, say, Bioshock, it adds a whole lot of overhead since the player character probably has no third person model or animations.

I agree on animations etc… but gears has fine shooting, r6:vegas has a lot of precision 3rd person shooting, GRAW titles, etc… 3rd person is fine.

Hmm. A PvP-based Heavy Gear MMO where you could do FPS/Tactical/Strategic layer missions, with a crew of pilots you could level up, along with metric fucktons of tweaking options for the Mecha involved.

A turn-based tactical combat game based on the Warhammer 40K setting including most of the original rules (at least, the ones that are fun and translate well to the computer experience) and at least four or five of the major races, all playable in single-player campaigns. Include full 3D-modelling and SFX for all the combat, preferably dynamically reacting to the specific situation rather than being canned animations. Also, skirmish and a large scale strategic map mode scaling down to skirmishes for the combat (like Total War, but turn-based). If the main game didn’t include all factions (which wouldn’t be likely), splash 'em in as expansions or downloadable content with appropriate single-player campaigns and addition to the map mode.

Also online play, and custom-painting. I don’t do the miniatures myself and don’t care about painting them, but I know most 40K fans would want it.

Total pie-in-the-sky because the meme these days is that turn-based games are the wave of the past and no one wants them, and even if that weren’t so, Games Workshop is rabid about its properties and has basically zero chance of okaying anything that might cut into their money-printing factory on the minis (the cost of the tabletop game is why I want the computer game to begin with.).

I’d love a heavy gear game or something where you can even drive the support vehicles, air vehicles, and get out of dying mechs to escape etc…

I’ve got graph paper. Do you have C++?

Two words: Lego Futurama. Ideally in a single huge sandbox world.

Clearly, this thread is worthless without pics.

And for the sake of being on-topic, a well-done Rifts MMO would have all kinds of my money.

/nerf Juicers

Ok, you asked for it…

I’m no photographer, so they are more detailed than they look here, but:

this is me in r6:v-

which is a photo of this guy I made last year (also made the lady in the back there)-

both of them with a quickie filler zombie (no sculpting done on the dark suited guy, I carved up christopher lee and got him a new suit and painted him)

better shot of the lady. handsculpted gut accessories!

during consttruction, and my first one over on the right. Those divets on her back are to hold the resin that will make up her spinal bumps.