Your Last Meal


Grilled Mahi Mahi with buttery seasoning OR Red Snapper OR… something else. Maybe a Fillet Mignon. Or something more elaborate but which i’ve never had. I like new things.

Cobb salad, or blue cheese salad w/ fresh croutons y fruits (pears, plums) w/ almonds, ect. Just no dandillion sprigs.

Better have some hand kneaded bread, warden. Yo.

Glass or two of 25 year Macallen on the rocks.

Crepes w/ fresh fruit, bit o chocolate, whipped cream or some chocolate ladyfinger cake.

Just your average country club meal. I’m sure i’ve had better - but i can’t remember what it was called :).

Jeez. I’m going out for a nice steak dinner tonight and now I’m worried I’m gonna die in some freak electrical accident. Thanks QT3!

I was going to say Merlot but I was afraid of being mocked.

I’d be interested in seeing what an All Star cast from Iron Chef could do for my final meal(s).

I imagine that the $20 cap is closer to reality because I remember reading about some last meals and wondering “that’s it?”. Fairly simple meals. A steak, green beans and ice cream or fried chicken, biscuits, and corn. Oh, and milk or some kind of milkshake.

The cafeteria staff would have to come up with lots of creative fakery and sawdust to create some of the above listed meals with a $20 budget.

Hopefully someone would deposit some cash into my commissary fund so I could splurge a little.

“Yeah! I want a fried chicken dinner with gravy on the taters, I want to shit in your hat, and I got to have Mae West sit on my face, because I am one horny motherfucker!”

It depends on the state. In Texas, you can only ask for stuff that can be made in the cafeteria. In other states, you can ask for anything that can come from a local restaurant as long as it’s under $20. Some states don’t give you a last meal request.

You’re going to die anyway. Quit spending the state’s money on stupid things like meals, fancy or otherwise!

You’d make a very civic-minded serial killer, fire.

If I was a serial killer/cannibal I guess I’d ask for…

Me: I’d like the priest to come to my cell. I have to, uh, make a confession. Yeah that’s right. I want to confess my sins! Um, could you ask him to bring a hibachi and some Mrs. Dash?

Or if I was feeling in the mood for Italian I’d ask for a visit from Mario Batali.

Or maybe I’m craving some Chinese. I’d want to visit with Martin Yan. Then I could do TV viewers a favor as well…

I’d guess probably half the people here consider Coors and Bud to be the high life, so I’m not terribly worried about being mocked. ;)

For what the condemned really eat:

I personally would like the French Laundry treatment … or, The Inn at Little Washington, (in Washington, VA) where I had the best meal I’ve ever eaten.

Come the end, I see myself falling back on comfort foods. Having lived shoreside most of my life, that involves mostly seafood. There’s been some unaccountable crustacean-bashing on this board, and I definitely don’t hold with that.

Appetizer: Grilled scallops with aioli butter. Maybe with some shallots and toast points.

Entree: Chesapeake Bay blue crab, steamed in beer and pepper. My grandfather, a sometimes crab fisherman, perfected a multi-pepper spice for them, called Crazy George’s Crab Crap. Sadly he took the recipe to his grave; no one alive is able to replicate it. That’s what I want, though.

Dessert: Leaving the east coast now, and heading to New Orleans for Commander’s Palace’s lovely Creole Bread Pudding Souffle. It’s an exquisite, “heavy” dessert, dressed up with a touch of whiskey cream sauce. I get shivery just thinking about it.

Now I’m starvin’!

Saw a book review a bit ago where the author studies American menus from the 1800s. Lobster was actually cheap food. Butlers would negotiate so they <B>only</B> ate lobster twice a week.

When lobster became rare (we ate it all) then it became more costly. And thus, gourmet.

Shrimp is much cheaper nowadays, but still considered a luxury. Therefore restaurants don’t bother passing savings to consumers. It’s the new pasta! Just how cheap? Did some googling. You can see source data

Google for “shrimp wholesale xxxx” to get the other years

if I read this correctly it looks like prices are quoted for 1.8kg of shrimp, or about 2.88 lbs.

For 1995, 5,900 yen for the big shrimp.
For 2000, 4,700 yen same type
For 2006, 3800 yen.

That’s almost half. That works out to $11.99 USD per pound. Should be a bit cheaper here, actually, cause costco will ship “organic” shrimp to you for $9 a pound.

Damn right I hope it’s organic. Don’t want to eat, you know, rocks and stuff. Grr.

I read the same thing said about salmon in England, even the bit about “twice a week”. Makes me wonder if one or the other writers was confused, making it up, or maybe both.

maybe they amputated the wrong half…

Real Last meals . . . mostly cheeseburgers and fried chicken.

I read the same thing said about salmon in England, even the bit about “twice a week”. Makes me wonder if one or the other writers was confused, making it up, or maybe both.

That and tastes change. Roast swan is definitely off the menu right now and watch the cod prices over the next couple of years and how long it takes before it goes from Chippy favourite to posh restaurant dish.

The only time I’ve ever seen a big lobster was in a marine reserve where fishing was banned, everywhere else they’re getting to be the size of big prawns now. And when Pregnant women are being warned not to eat more than two cans of Tuna a week because of the amount of mercury in it I figure maybe the three eyed simpsons fish isn’t too far off.

I now claim to be vegetarian, I won’t eat fish, just red meat and poultry, I’ll take my chances with Mad cow and Bird flu, at least we farm those fuckers rather than the just strip mine a field to get the cows out.

Some proper chicken wings, with some blue cheese on the side, and beer.