Your next car game is Wreckfest

iRacing Rookie Mazdas prepared me for this.

What platform are you all playing this on?

Steam here.

If anyone is interested in a bash at multiplayer Wreckfest with a friendly bunch then we have a session kicking off at 4pm Eastern today that’ll run for a couple hours. Intended to be Eurozone friendly for timing if not ping as the server is on the US west coast.

We aim to race first and smash cars second, but with figure-eight tracks and bow-tie tracks there are always shenanigans. Mostly it’s a couple hours of swearing and laughing.

If you’re on the Discord you can already find the event link in the #racing channel - if not you can PM me and I can link you.

You don’t have to be on voice, it’s just easier to find the right server and to get us to kick a pubbie to make room for you if it’s full. Feel free to drop in and/or out too - you don’t have to be there the whole time.

We had 15 racers last weeked - we’ll see if making the time a bit more Euro friendly means more or fewer drivers.

This is $15 on Humble right now, too

I just installed on my new rig and my lord the carnage. Still one of the best grin inducing games of all time.

Just a taste of madness…

I mess that freaking turn up every time. That track is my cypronite. You can see me cartwheel to the left in that clip. ;) Good times. Wasn’t feeling so great but it’s such a silly time that I didn’t want to miss it.

That counts as an overtake!

That twist is a real killer. I try to always hit the left side of that section and them jump over the part where I roll in that video and land on the right. If you let off the gas pedal for a second you land on the track not in the fencing, but I have a dumb right foot so it doesn’t always work for me.

Later on at Hellmouth I got… harvested.

I promise to not do this in our league race, @Octavious230

Ok, “promise” might be a bit strong…

LOL…Just like my commute to work. I really need to get some practice in this week. I’m pretty comfortable with the track but I haven’t tried running a full race.

I’ve had this on my wishlist forever, but I remember the Most Recent reviews were not favorable (something about they are “arcaded” the game down).

Dude, you can race couches… in destruction mode. Just go get it already and commence the hysterical laughter.

Note: It does have some sliders to make it more arcadey vs sim for braking, shifting, control, traction, etc. I play in the middle/towards the sim side on them. I am not a “great” racing game driver and lean more towards arcadey ones. It does seem a bit easier than it used to be with these settings but I’ve had it for years and it has made a ton of changes. Mostly for the better imo.

Given its subject matter, I think its the right mix between sim and arcade. It basically sets right in the middle.

In addition to the couches, you get to drive and wreck all these big 70-80s American full size cars, station wagons, even vans. .

You folks doing those every week? Watched my son playing this earlier and thinking of grabbing a copy

This game desperately needs the announcer from TD:EOD

And here comes THE HAMMER!


Spent a few hours with this last night and it was hard to put down. Rare for a game to be so frustrating and fun at the same time.

Yeah, there’s some shit in there. Nothing like having a nice race, and then some f-wit doing a pit maneuver on you in just the right spot on the track to cause you to drop to last place.