Your next car game is Wreckfest

I think they turned off individual invites for internet jerkwad reasons, but give this a try : GamersWithJobs

Well that hour absolutely flew by! As I mentioned in chat, I’d forgotten what an unmitigated joy Wreckfest is. Just solid driving physics, crazy damage modeling, goofy as hell cars, and some amazing tracks. Of course it’s insanely fun in multiplayer!

Thanks so much for the heads-up, @Mr_Bismarck. If and when this happens again, I hope you’ll post again so I can join. That was just what the fun doctor ordered. : )

Ya we need to do that more than once a year and the last one I forgot to join. :frowning:

We definitely need to plan to do it more often - early on in chat when Pink couldn’t get one of the server options to work I said “10 minutes in and Pink already broke it” and then someone pointed out we’d been playing for almost a half hour already. Time flies in this game. Better than an RV on Deathloop.

Glad you guys could make it and I’ll be sure to post in here when we do it again!

Dang, missed this. Looks like it’s a blast! I’ve never played Wreckfest, but I see I can buy a gamekey for about $10 USD. Seems a no-brainer.

Tom’s moment of glory…

On lap one I got absolutely destroyed by a school bus.

It’s a really fun time.

Also, one of my primary observations about Wreckfest is that the online remains super active. That really isn’t something you can historically take for granted with arcade racing games years after release. They really captured something with this game.

No kidding. Before joining in yesterday, just to make sure everything worked, I wanted to jump into a random race real quick. But I expected the server browser for a six-year-old driving game to be empty. Nope. Brimming with servers, many of them full!

You said it! And if anyone needs convincing, this guy likes it as much as I do!

It’s something I always keep installed because the multiplayer community is dependably online and the races are always a good time. Dirty or (semi) clean racing, it doesn’t matter: it’s got the chops for racers or wreckers.

It feels downright old school jumping onto community run servers and, not only seeing folk greeting each other and actually chatting like human beings, but seeing that some of them are regulars and know each other. Communities. In games. Remember those? Granted, you’ll still witness the odd flare-up and rounds of vote kicks or just straight-up admin kicks, but I’m so glad such a good racing game holds the attention of so many still.

I guess I need to give it another try. The idea of a game where you’re repeatedly crashing into stuff on purpose seems so off-putting to me when I tried the campaign.

I don’t know what this means, but I’ll give it a try. I remember the menu being overwhelming because there was a LOT of options and stuff on the screen and it was hard to parse.

That guy’s suspect, but he could be on to something.

For what it’s worth, the destruction derby stuff isn’t why I enjoy the game, it’s all down to the racing, the handling and personality of the vehicles, physics and courses. I’ve no idea what Bugbear were thinking starting the campaign with those derby events, particularly the lawnmower one. While I appreciate that it puts to rest the idea of taking it too seriously nice and early, it also undermines the excellent driving model.

I almost never run the demo derby events. I like racing with a side of crashing. I don’t want the crashing to be the main course.

Sounds like fun! I wish I could have made it, but the time difference here makes it tricky. Hopefully when I move to the US next month I can you join (if you do it again).

Me too! Especially creative crashing. The basic corner bomb is passe, but its classy when someone can get a nose just under at the apex and then just happen to run the other driver wide at corner exit into say a tree or rock.

I actually got booted from a clean server as apparently I did this to the admin, and apparently that person did not appreciate racing with a side of crashing.

I do wish there was an option for some mirrors in the cars. I’ve never mastered using a button to look around.

I use the thumbstick for looking around in chase cam, despite remapping accelerate/brake to the A and B buttons. My poor finger just gets fatigued so quickly using triggers to accelerate compared to my mashing thumb. Thumbstick look makes a lot more sense with trigger acceleration/brake though!

I picked it this up in the steam sale. Any plans to play another community game?

I would like to second that question!