Your pet conspiracy/disaster theory

I don’t give a second thought to the illuminati, giant asteroids, comets or climate change (It’s happening but I don’t believe it’s going to be the end of civilization as we know it. ) but there is one thing that I am waiting for. With our hugely dense populations I harbour the belief that the next major catastrophe is going to be a disease epidemic of staggering proportions and we are long overdue. Whenever I read newspaper articles like this a small part of me can’t help but think we are going to face an outbreak of The Stand like proportions any day now.

I’m also semi-convinced that with all the horrendous, nasty natural shit on my mother continent, Africa is going to be the birthplace of the plague.

So, what semi-rational disaster/conspiracy theories do you subscribe to? has pretty much all of 'em covered.

My wife’s is Princess Di - she was, of course, murdered by goons in the employ of the Queen.

Mine is overpopulation. I’m convinced that, by the time my children are old, there will not be enough resources to feed/clothe/power/heat/shelter all of the people on Earth. It doesn’t help that people in poor nations (including the US Midwest) crank out 20 kids per household.

Damn it, Idocracy is not entertainment, it’s prophesy!

Health authorities urged people not to panic and warned those who developed such symptoms who had been in Zambia, or had contact with the deceased, to get help.

The first victim was tourism operator Cecilia van Deventer, 36, who was flown to the Morningside clinic on September 12 from Zambia in a critical condition after being ill for three weeks. She died two days later.

On September 27, the paramedic who had flown with her from Zambia, Hannes Els, 33, of Speciality Emergency Services in Lusaka, returned to SA and was admitted to the Morningside clinic with similar symptoms, said Morningside manager Jaco Erasmus. Els died on October 2.

Great, more Xenophobia coming to your area, Soon!

I don’t actively fear the epedemic, but I see it as a real possibility… but so is a huge fucking asteroid.

There’s plenty of room. Were just not using it properly.

Plenty of room, it’s access to water that seems to be where we are heading at the moment so that’s my favourite distaster theory at the moment, WWIII will start over squabbles over water.

I fear that the world is about to be cast into darkness by a sinister, primeval power, and that our collective fate rests precariously on the shoulders of a random farm boy, as ordained by prophecy some millennia ago.

I was hoping this would be a ‘pet conspiracy’ theory without the disaster element.

I’m pretty sure pennies contain tracking devices.

I have proof, but this simply isn’t the thread for it!

I’m pretty sure our older/larger dog is the one knocking food off the table but she lets the puppy take all the blame because the puppy instantly looks guilty when they are discovered.

I hope you scold her while wearing your tinfoil hat.

I’m partial to the gamma ray burst. Nothing we can do about it, certain death assured. Having grown up during the cold war, I’m much happier knowing we could all die at any moment for reasons beyond our control.

Favorite conspiracy- Ron Brown and Hillary Clinton?

My pet disaster conspiracy theory is absolutely the pandemic that destroys all human civilization on this planet, leaving alive only those who have no contact with any outside society.

Let’s just say it involves a Byzantine plot encompassing the Catholic church, the Masons, and Colonel Sanders. But perhaps I’ve said too much.

My favorite pet conspiracy? UFO’s. Not really that I find them believable, but rather that they bring an unending supply of kooky people to the TV on the channels I watch. It’s fun. I even have nicknames for some of the “regulars” they have on those shows.

Disaster theory though, I’m sort of with Nellie. Squabbles over some sort of depleting resource will start the next world war. And god help us at that point. There are way too many nasty weapons now that will tally up massive casualties.

The Large Hadron Collider actually did destroy the Earth by opening an unspeakable dimensional gateway. We’re all actually existing now–not really living–in the simulation space of Yog-Sothoth’s mind.

Sure, laugh now, but just keep that in mind over the next few years. It’ll look more and more correct.

The Clinton Death List is pretty awesome, as is 9/11 Truth. It’s just so easy…

There are three that I find intriguing:

  1. The 9/11 theory that the plane that crashed in PA was actually shot down.

  2. That there is something more to the Rudolf Hess weirdness from WW2.

  3. LBJ was involved in the JFK assasination conspiracy.

Pigs are taking over the world.

Are pigs pets?

I like to think that Bush handlers, or Rove himself, arranged the ‘leak’ of the Killian documents to CBS Evening News in 2004.