Your Predictions: Biggest new tech for 2014?

What do u think the Biggest new tech will be ib 2014?

Amazon drones?

More tablets?

Solar powered vibrators?

Typos: touch phone… cracked glass… son dropped phone… locked into contract. … can’t upgrade wothout penalties

Hopefully, the biggest new tech for you is a new phone.

I think we’ll see an explosion of products with voice recognition. Red Dwarf fans will finally be able to have a conversation with their toaster.

I can’t read this without We Didn’t Start the Fire playing in my head.

Remote dildonics.

“Howdydoodleydoo! Would anyone like any toast?”

I’m hoping the Oculus Rift is all we want it to be. And not as vomit-inducing as I fear.

Oculus Rift for sure.

Oculus Rift and remote dildonics.

The term is “teledildonics”.

My prediction is affordable big-screen OLEDs, and tactile mobile device surfaces.

Also, just for DrDel, the ability to edit forum posts. What a breakthrough that would be.

+1, & there was a great story on Wired a few days ago going in-depth into the nausea-inducing latency (and how they’re solving it).

Perhap’s we’re going to get to be Gunters after all.

Party pooper.

(Which incidentally will be the #2 biggest new tech in 2014.)

Everyone gets sick of KickStarter.

Paper and Pencil. For when the worlds oil economy goes boom.

So you’re either predicting a boom in the world’s oil economy, or you’re predicting graphite and wood pulp powered cars.

Solar power. Everywhere. Dirt cheap.

I think Apple will finally add an App Store to the AppleTV, making it a set top box and game console for $99. It’ll be big.

Who needs cars these days? They are just old world tech that only exists due to the effort on advertising that makes them seem a desirable status symbol. In reality they are antiquated technology from a bygone era. We can all (nearly) work from home, with pencil and paper (and pigeons/amazon drone/postal service).

I hope you joking. I’m a carpenter and I couldn’t work from home.

As for tech, phone screens that do not break/scratch. That’s what I want. Also, better batteries.