Your recently-discovered talents?

My family got Rock Band 2 a couple of months ago and I started out with the guitar because I was familiar with it from Guitar Hero. Well eventually I migrated to the drums and have had a near-religious experience ever since. I’m not phenomenal or anything but I’m good at the drums and getting steadily better. This is odd to me as I’ve never had any sort of music training and have never played an instrument.

So now at age 40 I’ve realized I have some small talent with the drums. It’s pretty cool to figure something like that out now but I kinda wish I’d realized it sooner.

So do you have any recently-discovered talents?

I wouldn’t necessarily mistake the ability to play Rock Band with the ability to play actual instruments, if I were you.

Drinking. With my inability to find gainful employment, I’m finding I can drink with the best of them…


To be fair, the drums are close enough to real drums that it’s not a stretch to imagine the skills are transferable. The guitar and bass, obviously, no.

I know of two people who have had similar experiences to Warning. Both picked up a set of real drums and one is now playing gigs with a band.

I do think there is enough to RB drumming to allow someone to have a rough idea if they would enjoy the thing.

As for my newly discovered talent - (even more) grace under pressure and stress.

Actually, RB DID teach me how to play drums. So in this case, you can transfer it. I decided I really enjoyed playing drums through RB. So I picked up a set just a few weeks ago (a Roland TD-9, which is a nice set). I was immediately capable of playing a basic beat, and I’ve improved quite quickly. RB is definitely the reason why.

However, with the guitar, it won’t transfer much at all. I should add that I have played guitar for about 20 years before this, so I already had some musical talent. However, I don’t think that was a big factor.

If you like it, get a drum kit. It’s very likely to transfer, since the skill set is similar. The main difference will be that you’ll need to work with a metronome, since it’s a lot easier to play along with RB than hold your own beat steady. Oh, and there are two pedals (high hat and bass).

As for your age, don’t let that stop you. You don’t need to be a rockstar to have fun playing in a band, or even by yourself.

dude, I thought the whole point of join a band is do drug and have sex with different women every day.

No, the point of joining a band is to have an excuse for that behavior.

He just said that you could have fun playing with yourself, what more do you want?

I learned that if I play to much Burnout Paradise while listening to Linken Park and Limp Biskit, that when those songs come on in the car I tend to speed and want to tailgate people.

That’s a talent now?

I recently discovered that I can bake a damn fine pie. I guess that’s a talent.

I don’t have any natural ability on the drums, but after playing regularly for a year and a half I can keep a beat in freestyle mode. I’ve toyed with the idea of taking it further, but I would need to actually do some rudiments and get better at rolls and sticking before I would feel comfortable playing in front of people.

I think I’ll try stand-up first.

I have a talent for being stupid and incompetent! Weee. Anyone got 5 gold so I can respec?

As much as I hate Rock Band and Guitar Hero games and believe they are the downfall of musical society…

Most band that suck are bad because the people in them can’t keep a beat. If you can keep a beat enough to do well in games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero you can probably become a competent musician with practice.

Some people are tone deaf but I think they’re a rare breed. Most people at least know what sounds bad.

I can hold my breath for ten minutes.

My name is Bobbin Threadbare, are you my mother?

No, you can’t. But I’d love to help you prove me wrong…

I am a social lightning rod. Although I couldn’t tell you why.

I seem to have developed an incredible knack for not being able to land a job.