Your smartphone history and reasons you replaced your old phone


Yeah, I avoided smartphones for years, because I loved ones with keyboards. So much more accurate than on-screen keyboards. Auto-correct does compensate for that a lot though. It fixes a lot of the fat-thumb mistakes that come from not having a physical keyboard.


Meh, you get used to it. I don’t miss 'em, really.


I miss them hard, every day, in part because autocorrect is mandatory for software keyboards (if you want to be intelligible) yet is guaranteed to fuck up your typing almost as badly as fat fingerings.


Yep, software keyboards do and will always suck fucks.

Someone make me a phone with a 10,000 mAH battery and miniaturized Cherry Blue keyswitches pls


I forgot, incidentally, that my actual first smartphone was a Palm Pre. With a hardware keyboard, of course. I actually liked the Palm OS better than Android-of-the-time but it had no app support and so I bailed, not long before they stopped making them.


Exactly this (well still waiting on my X to show up). I had a terrible HTC windows mobile phone before the 3G because it could theoretically browse the web but not so much in practice.


HTC Thunderbolt (2011) -> Moto X (2013) -> iPhone 7 (2016)

If the Pixel 2 existed when I needed a phone last year, I might have stuck with Android; it’s still 5-10% too large, but at least it’s in the right ballpark, and it’s got all of the other things I was looking for. Oh well, maybe next time. (Probably not next time.)


Not going to bother looking up the dates, but:

Some early Android phone with a physical keyboard. Can’t remember the model.

LG Optimus V – slow and clunky, and our new apartment didn’t get Sprint signal, so we had to move to Verizon and get a…

Iphone 4 – broke down after a year. Used the insurance payout to replace with…

Samsung S III – Got a good year out of this, but a family member needed a replacement, and I was due for an upgrade through the carrier, so I got a …

LG G3 – Developed overheating issues after a couple of years, so I traded it in for …

Samsung Note 5 – Got two good years, though in retrospect I should have gone with the 4 for expandable storage. I was always running out of space in the 32GB. For the last year or so, it has shared duty with a work-issued…

Iphone 6s – Still have this, and even did a month using it as my only phone. It’s fine and all, but I was still overjoyed to get my…

Samsung Note 8 – Just got this, and it’s been fantastic so far. Best screen ever, a great camera, and pretty much every feature you could want.


3GS, Galaxy Note 1, Nexus 5, Moto X Play.

I started out with iPhone and loved it but eventually started to feel trapped by the OS. I wanted to have freedom and it wouldn’t let me. So I switched to Android and never looked back. Would have had the Note longer but it fell out of my breast pocket when I leaned over and the screen smashed on the flagstone pathway and the digitizer no longer worked. Had the Nexus 5 for a couple years but I ended up with the problem where the mic cuts out but the final straw was a terrible battery that couldn’t get me through the day. Now I have a Moto X Play that I like but I always find myself wanting the new shiny.


Well I really jinxed myself by posting in this thread because my Moto X Play stopped taking a charge last night. It’s stuck at 3% and the notification bar shows a charging icon but when you go into the battery section of settings, it says “not charging”. So I guess I’ll be getting the new (old) shiny after all. I see that the Moto 5G Plus is on sale on Amazon right now for $169 so I jumped on that as I’ve been really happy with Moto so far (non-functioning battery excepted). But I’m perfectly fine with upgrading my phone every two years if I only have to pay $169 each time!


Original iPhone -> 3GS -> 4 -> 5 ->6+. Going to get the 8+.


2011-2013 Galaxy S - contract expired, got an upgrade
2013-2015 Galaxy S3 or 2? - dropped it in some water when I fell aslseep whilst drunk
2015 - borrowed something, can’t remember what it was
2015-2017 Blade ZTE6 - from now on I am only buying cheap phones and not getting them under contract. it was kind of a mediocre phone but who cares, if i got drunk and broke it i lost little
2017- Nextbit Robin - lovely phone, definitely a bargain


New phone! I just ordered a Moto X4 with Google’s Fi service. My old phone is a Samsung S5 that is starting to flake out…battery issues, needs rebooting regularly, etc…so I’d been thinking about changing soon anyway. And my carrier was H2owireless, a cheapo-pay-as-you-go plan, which mostly worked but was certainly slow. Plus I’m getting tired of watching every data MB.

I’d been thinking of trying out Project Fi since I read about it a few weeks back, and when a $100 credit deal with the Moto X4 showed up today, it seemed like a good sign. Reviews of the X4 say it’s a solid budget phone which is what I need. Should come in sometime next week and we’ll see if all this works as advertised!


I read this thread and cringe due to all the energy/toxic chemicals used in the manufacturing/recycling of smartphones. Lots of little kids in India disassembling the phones and melting stuff down.


2015: Nokia 635 - I would still use this as my primary phone except that 1) there are fewer apps than Android/Apple and 2) it’s missing the sensor that detects if your head is near the speaker so that the phone knows to turn the screen back on and let you press buttons. I still use it as an bedside alarm and for listening to Audiobooks and music since the newest Sandisk Sansas suck pretty bad. Wi-fi still works on it.

2017: Motorola E4 - I’m not entirely happy with this phone. I learned that I prefer Windows Phone 10, and some of the apps I was missing and hoping for are actually really buggy. It’s also a lot bigger.


Moto X4 showed up today and everything seems to be working as expected thus far. If anyone else decides to try out Google’s Project Fi as a service option, PM me…they gave me a ref link where we both get $20 credit.

Using Android Auto

I’m about to make my current smartphone history. I had no interest in replacing it really, but since the update it’s a lot more responsive, which is great, but the notification are ear damaging loud when on a Bluetooth device.

Reasons I replace my phone, always, something about it no longer functions properly, or it becomes just bad at some point.


Some of you guys spend a lot of money on phones. :o

2011 - LG Optimus V - LGVM670 (Android 2.2) was crap, I remember wanting a RAZR but couldn’t afford it. Was so slow, sooooo slow.
2013 - LG Optimus Elite (Android 2.3.7) I remember it had double the memory, and it was less crap, I bought it at Radio Shack! The last purchase I ever made at a Radio Shack. Bluetooth went to shit.
2016 - LG Nexus 5x (Android 6/7/8) good phone! Project Fi is great for my needs.

It’s like I am not even trying!

Side note, before my first smartphone I owned a Pebl for like 5 years. It was built like a tank.


ok just got an 8 plus today.


iPhone 3G -> iPhone 4s -> Note 2 -> Note 4 -> iPhone 8+

After having been away from the iPhone environment for a good while, the 8 is a pretty impressive phone. The big knock on Android phones is that they are pretty much locked into the version of Android that they ship with. Both Notes got replaced after they started going into reboot loops and needed factory resets to function. F that.


The bezels are downright archaic compared to modern Android phones, much less the X. I mean, they look silly.