Your Song / Album of the Week?

So I was thinking that we could use an on going thread in which we can post a new or even old song / album that we picked up and want to share with the world. What do you guys think?

I’ll start off the thread with this gem I just started hearing late last week. Its
Panic! At the Disco - But It’s Better If You Do
You can hear a sample here…

The sample really does not do the whole song justice though and you really have to hear the whole thing to appreciate it. I had not heard of these guys before last week and I am going to pick up the whole album sometime in the future. You can also DL the song from iTunes if you want to hear the thing and I highly suggest that you check it out.

So what is new for everyone else?

My two purchases of the week:

Sonic Nurse - Sonic Youth (2004). Murray Street, Sonic Youth’s 2002 album, was a resurrection of sorts after the surprisingly awful NYC: Ghosts & Flowers record. Murray Street saw them move in cleaner, more mature direction - bits of it sounded like Television, actually - and Sonic Nurse continues that, albiet with shorter song structures. Kim Gordon pens four songs on this one, each of which is terrific. The only let-down is the Lee Ranaldo song, which isn’t up to his usual brilliant standard. I’m sick of people complaining that they’ll never make another Daydream Nation, because between this and Murray Street, it’s becoming clear that they don’t need to.

Dead Meadow - Dead Meadow (1999). Late to the party on this one. Introduced to me by a metalhead friend of mine, Dead Meadow is a D.C. band who play a wonderfully sludgy, Sabbath-inspired brand of rock. Lots of echo, lots of stoner guitar leads fed through tube amps and lots of references to wizards. If I had a cube van, I would airbrush the record cover on the side.


I love both those Yoot records a ton.

Been listening to Alanis Morissette - Crazy for a while now. Great cover.

Devin Townsend Band - Synchestra

A big improvement from the first DTB album, which was 20% good and 80% absolute shite. This is more like his work on Infinity and Terria, but more musically diverse, which is a welcome breath of fresh air compared to his other recent stuff. I keep expecting Devin Townsend to suddenly explode out of his stylistic cage, stop ripping himself off and put out a jaw-droppingly amazing experimental art metal album. This ain’t it, but it’s a step in the right direction.

A new Devin Townsend album? I had no idea. Awesome!

Edit: It doesn’t seem to be available yet.

Two I’m listening to now:

Deftones: B-Sides and Rarities
Good stuff, with the Deftones covering Sade, Duran Duran and others; a few acoustic tracks; and a DVD.

Mike Pinto: Little District
Reggae/folky vibes… Not likely to find a copy in stores, the guy paid for this album himself. Samples here:

I’m listening to Boards of Canada - the campfire headphones now.

And thanks to Triggercut, will be dow^H^H^H^H^H, acquiring some new music in the near future.

The Darkness, “It seemed like such a good idea at the time”

Rogue Wave - Out of the Shadow and Maximo Park - A Certain Trigger are the two albums currently getting play in my CD player or would be if I even had a CD player anymore

I’ve rediscovered Joe Cocker this week. I know, it’s weird. But I can’t stop listening to his versions of “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window”, “Feelin’ Alright”, “You Can Leave Your Hat On” and “With A Little Help From My Friends”. Good, growly, bluesy stuff.

I noticed they just started playing those songs on the radio again. Kareoke impressions of him are the best.

Joe Cocker’s Get By With A Little Help From My Friends was the highlight of Woodstock. :)

I’ve been listening to the latest Gorrilaz album a lot today. Mostly because every time I get one or two songs in, someone comes to my office and speaks at me for 15 minutes, and I have to start all over again.

That’s ok though; I love Kids With Guns

Oh, I’ve also been listening to Nikka Costa’s new album “Can’tneverdidnothin’”. It’s a really great album that’s heavily funk based. Highly recommend it.

With the 3rd anniverary of the death of Joe Strummer yesterday, I’ve been listening to “Joe Strummer” by Cowboy Mouth inbetween cycles of my Clash Albums.

You can stream it for free, legally, here

Is this album closer to the “who’s loving you” and “push and pull” style or the kind of funky “like a feather” style? I like her voice when she’s doign slow stuff, but her fast stuff is kind of screechy.

Nine Horses - Snow Borne Sorrow

Galaxies - Laura Veirs

“Hey You” by Exies. I liked the song from playing Guitar Hero, and like the “real” version even more.

Those crazy guys at Harmonix are responsible for quite a few of my CD purchases. (A pity nothing else on the Quarashi album was as good as “Baseline”.)

I’ll be looking for the Exies’ CD next time I hit the mall.