Your three(3) favorite video game characters

What are your three(3) favorite video game characters divided up by gender?

Favorite male character:
Favorite female character:
Favorite other/mystery gender character:

Male: Dagoth Ur
Female: Alyx Vance
Mysterious: G Man

Oh gawd. Alyx Vance sounds familar but the others I can’t place at all.

Yes I know, a very original choice. I was conflicted between choosing Alyx, Bastila Shan and Jack. In the end I chose Alyx because she’s genuinely the most fleshed out and realistic.

Male - The Nameless One (Garrett is a close second!)
Female - Jade
Other - Morte the Skull

Favorite male character: Dupre
Favorite female character: Shodan
Favorite other/mystery gender character: G Man

Male - Garrett
Female - Toss up b/w Shodan and FemShep
Mystery Gender - Nordom.

Favorite male character: Slade (Shining Force 2)
Favorite female character: Aerie (Baldur’s Gate 2)
Favorite other/mystery gender character: I don’t know! But I’ll try to think.

Favorite male character: Damon Baird (Gears of War 1+2)
Favorite female character: Liara T’Soni (Mass Effect 1)
Favorite other/mystery gender character: GLADOS (Portal)

Dagoth Ur is the Morrowind antagonist, G-Man is the creepy dude in the background of the Half Life series pulling the strings.


Male: Ramza Beoulve (Final Fantasy Tactics)
Female: Sarah Kerrigan (Starcraft)
Mysterious: Cardinal Draclau (Final Fantasy Tactics)

While Cardinal Draclau is a man, he is also the first point where the story of FFT veers right into the ridiculous. I won’t spoil what happens for anyone who hasn’t played FFT and is planning on doing so, but it was just a great turning point in the game.

Male - Minsc (BGI+II)
Female - Bastila or Kerrigan… EDIT: I’m going with Alys from Phantasy Star IV
Mysterious: HK-47 (KOTOR)

And yeah, I’ve changed these like 5 times. Hard to decide.

Can I use my vote to negate this vote? I.e., “anyone but Aerie”?

Oh that’s a really good one.

I feel like I could fill this whole list right out of Torment…
So, with that restriction, let’s go with

Male: Nameless One (runner up, Dak’kon)
Female: Ravel (distant runner up, Fall From Grace)
Mystery: Nordom (runner up Coaxmetal)

It’s pretty hard to define a good character in a vacuum (if they’re good, it’s often because the other characters are good too), but heck :

Male : Francis York Morrigan. I mean he’s the weirdest, most charismatic lead ever. Emily Wyatt might also be the best supporting woman character. In fact if you don’t mind a bit of surrealism and shitty texture, I guess Deadly Premonitions has a lot of great characters.

Female : there aren’t a lot of great women character, are there ? The Boss in MGS 3 is a strong character, even tough the plot as a whole is a real mess. The fight with her is one of the most beautiful encounters ever.

Weird : there are lots of anthropomorphic mascots, but none is is funnier than Max. Max is my little buddy, and he really cracks me up. Bonus : he’s a psycho rabbit.

Yah, that was a really cool character, especially for Twin Peaks fans.

Sure, she is whiny and naggy, but isn’t that what every guy dreams of?

But seriously, I just like the music that plays every time she talks. Brilliant:

You’re not married, are you? ;-) The problem with having a whiny and naggy significant other is that it gets in the way of YOU getting to be whiny and naggy. THAT’S what every guy really dreams of!

Fair point. I’d forgotten that.

male: Altair (Assassins Creed)
female: Farah (the first Prince of Persia)
other/mystery: GLaDOS (Portal)

Male: Guybrush Threepwood (Monkey Island)
Female: Maya Fey (Phoenix Wright)
Other: Lilarcor (Baldur’s Gate)