Your top 5 favorite rock bands (as of now)

Here’s mine… I found out alot of the groups I used to REALLY like alot I don’t like as much anymore… I like em still, but I cant take em as much… like Sonic Youth and The Pixies.

  1. beatles
  2. queen
  3. smashing pumpkins
  4. rem
  5. U2


The Beatles, The Cranberries, Rage Against The Machine, Sex Pistols, Tool (not in order of preference).

Judas Priest
Linkin Park
Foo Fighters


In no particular order…

Massive Attack

PS: Vicodin is the best thing ever. EVER.

  1. Game Theory–Any band that was influenced in equal parts by THE WHITE ALBUM, The Cars, Roxy Music…and TS Eliot and James Joyce is all right by me.

  2. The Grifters–Slacker Indie Rock was just the jumping-off point, these Memphis goofballs easily played Rolling Stones to Pavement’s Beatles in the 1990’s.

  3. The Small Faces–Combine brilliant songwriting, inspired playing, and the best white soul singer in history and for three years or so, the Small Faces were simply the greatest band in history. They outrocked The Who and The Stones, they out-souled everyone except maybe some of the folks at Stax, and managed to somehow reach across thirty years of time to be a huge influence on modern Britpop in the past decade.

  4. Rolling Stones–Duh.

  5. The Beatles–double duh.

Gah… Rock?

the genre that means everything and nothing?


When rammstein and paul mccartney are in the same genre somebody has problems.

Rush (although their last album sucked)
ZZ Top (their Austin concert last month ROCKED!)
The Beatles

Industry Dwarf

Linkin Park
Pink Floyd

  1. The Pixies
  2. The Beatles
  3. Bob Dylan
  4. Pink Floyd
  5. Big Black
  1. Tool. 3 1/2 great albums that are consistently excellent with few bad cuts in the bunch. Plus, Maynard helped to spawn Perfect Circle.

Then there’s the rest which would take much longer to rank. Ask me again later to day.

Midnight Oil
Dire Straits

In no particular order.

  1. Rush – Their latest album was the great.
  2. Everything else.

– Xaroc

Rock, are you sure.?

My list - Senser, Rage against the Machine, Queen, The Reverend Orton Heat, Jane’s Addiction, and one for luck - Grant Lee Buffalo.

Rainer Maria
PJ Harvey
Bonfire Madigan

I’ll just add that I’m continually astonished at how many of my fellow Gen X’ers and younger embrace the putrefying corpse of boomer youth culture (no offense to the boomer’s out there)

Are you a lesbian by chance?

Everyone else listed some of my very favorites, so here’s five that haven’t been listed but may not quite reach upper-echelon level:

Metallica (yes, even after the embarrassment that is St. Anger)
Fear Factory
White Zombie
Stone Temple Pilots

I considered Ministry and Thrill Kill Kult, but they arent my top 5

Pink Floyd
Devin Townsend
Peter Gabriel
Skinny Puppy

In no particular order…

Linkin Park
Kottenmouth Kings
Evanessence (it said “as of today”. Really digging the album right now)
The Urge

Honorable mention to 2 Skinny J’s, who don’t fit into the rock genre but are in heavy play rotation right now in our household.

Iron Maiden
Jimi Hendrix
In Flames