Your Top X Puzzle games

There are many top ten or puzzle game threads, but I was recently discovering old and new games in this category, and I have a felling I did miss a lot, but it is a genre I actually enjoy.

There are many types of puzzles, but we can distinct 2 classes, puzzles with more or less one solution only and puzzles with many solutions, which are maybe problem-solving games.

So here is my choice

Limbo/Inside - Great atmosphere and really clever, but logical environmental puzzles. They have mostly if not only one solution, so actually can be considered as puzzles.

Braid - Also mostly one solution to a puzzle, with minor variations. But the puzzles/problems were so interesting and the 5 different themes mixing it up made a great pacing to the game. I played The Witness when it came out, but couldn’t finish it. I tried again recently, but I did not find the line drawing interesting enough anymore. But I still want to see what there is left.

Mini Metro - Rediscovered recently, the puzzles like the London map, have many solutions to the problem of connecting a functioning grid of stations. The stations appeare randomly and kill sometimes your best plans. More in the problem-solving class of games.

Opus Magnum - Same here, problem solving with myriads of solutions. The Zachtronics game I like the most.

Tetris - Cannot have a list without it. Most recent examples are Tetris 99 and Tetris effect.

Wilmots Warehouse - A newcomer, but great on it’s own. You build a memory map of a warehouse in your head, and then try to find stuff and server customers.

Slitherlink (DS) - a pure puzzle game, creating loops by logical conclusion. So there are many puzzle games like it, which I also like: Sudoku, Picross (3D), Nurikabe and so on. I like this most, also have a paperback to carry around, because I am not using my DS that much anymore.

Portal 1/2 - great story driven puzzle games, mostly with one solution only (maybe they have one and only solutions, but never tried to find others).

Games that were to hard or had other reasons, why they are not on the list: Stephen’s Sausage Roll (I don’t get it, hard from the beginning and getting utraviolent hard), Human Resource Machine (too much programmming), some 3D puzzle games like Antichamber.

So lets recap your favourite puzzle games.

True puzzles: The Witness, Recursed, Hydra Slayer, Snakebird, Critter Crunch, LYNE.

Problem solving: Factorio, Kerbal Space Program, Oxygen Not Included.

Hmmm! Good question!

SpaceChem & EXAPUNKS (PC) – These are my favorite of the Zachtronics programming games.

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes (DS) – Great match 3 style game, but very unique mechanics wrapped in a fantasy story.

Tiny Islands (PC) – Some of us play this little map game every day and post here on the forum!

Gorogoa (PC, etc) – Too beautiful.

Return of the Obra Dinn (PC) – A sweeping and dramatic logic puzzle.

LogISTical (PC) – Is it a puzzle game? I don’t know, but based on the number of hours I’ve played and the fact that the creator calls it a puzzle game, I guess I should put it on here.

Glass Masquerade (PC) – Much more literal puzzle game. I love this thing (and its sequel).

World of Goo (PC) – A classic indie game. Like a bridge building game crossed with Lemmings.

I love a good puzzle game and my list of favorites would be quite long indeed. But I think if I were pressed to choose an absolute favorite puzzle game, it would be probably be one (or both) of the Picross 3D games on the Nintendo 3DS. I’ve played through each multiple times at each difficulty level. Those puzzles are just addictive.

Oh jeez, forgot about iOS:

MegaCity – Like this more than the follow-up Concrete Jungle, but both are worth playing.

GNOG – Might be boosted by having played this with my son, which makes it kind of special.

Song of Bloom – This is so weird, but always interesting.

Blackbox – The ultimate “use every feature of the device” game.

Assemble with Care – This one is just peaceful and really satisfying. I could live on little repair puzzles for life, if they would make them.

Some great games shared so far - one series I would also like to plug is the DROD series. I’ve lost quite a few afternoons trying to get through the various rooms years back, although I must admit I haven’t touched it in a while.

Tetris feels more like an action game than a puzzle game to me, but if it’s eligible, then that would win slots 1-10 for me.

Other than that… Bejeweled Twist. Lemmings, if it counts.

Honorable mention to The Sentinel, which I never played but which by all accounts was awesome. I hope to give it a proper go it some time.

The various Cliff Johnson games (Fool’s Errand, 3 in Three, Fool and his Money) need to be listed. The first two are free on his site (

Same here. The 3D one is probably my top pick

I also really loved the old Sherlock logic puzzles, and really wish there was a good modern take on them

1) Portal 2 / Portal : I just love the combination of the puzzles and humor. It was also so different from other games I had played at the time.

2) Inside / Limbo I love the atmosphere if these games. They are so bleakly creative. Inside had more puzzle to it than Limbo, but I may have liked the non-puzzle elements more in Limbo.

3) The Talos Principle: This had some clever puzzles. I didn’t get into the story too much, maybe too deep for me.

4) Baba is You : Another game I appreciate for how clever it can be and when the lightbulb goes on it all makes sense.

5)The Swapper : I don’t remember a ton about it, just that I liked it a lot.

6) Human Resource Machine : Make programming fun again!

And to round out the selection…

7) The Turing Test

8) SpaceChem

9) Opus Magnum

Smart Games 1, 2, and 3 - a collection of a variety of spacial, logic, word, pattern puzzles in great quantity and increasing difficulty. While they dropped in quality as the series went on, they were all still outstanding.

Going back even further, Heaven and Earth came out in 1992 and featured a variety of spacial puzzles and mazes. In addition was an esoteric solo card game, as well as a lengthy campaign mixing all of them.

Oh yeah, I forgot about Portal. That would be in my top puzzle games for sure.