You're all wrong. ALL. THIS is the candidate to vote for

…dumb. I guess it’s intended to be mocking the republicans, or possibly the democratic perception of republicans, but either way… dumb.

I’d gladly vote for an alien that looked that cool.

Frumple, just a bunch of camper propaganda. They’re hoping to play in the spicy house, but more likely they’ll bounce everything by dancing in the heavy place.

  • Alan

Come to think of it, the Khor-ah “kill 'em all” school of foreign relations really would have fit better with the satire being attempted. Compared to them, the Ur-Quan really were limp wristed sissy liberals. Force shields indeed. Pfah!

Infidels! How can you not vote for the one and only real candidate? When the day comes, you do want to be eaten first, don’t you?

Why vote for a lesser evil?

Thou Shalt Not - EVER - Question The Genius Of Star Control 2.

For the crime of questioning the appropriateness of Ur-Quan Doctrine - even the inferior Kzer-Za variety - you will be cleansed. Make whatever religious preparations are necessary for your species.

If anyone deserves to be frumpled, it’s the campers who thought this would be an amusing way to spread the wax. They deserve to squeeze the juice with the surprising toys.