You're Fired! I Quit! - movie suggestions needed

On Friday I had a student ask me for movie recommendations… she has an idea for a feature involving a character who loses their job early in the story and she wanted to screen any films like that. I suggested Lost in America but I was hoping you guys could give me some more suggestions.

Any ideas?


Jerry Maguire.

tangentially related, but Up in the Air.

Office Space.

American Beauty.

Not to mention Elizabethtown.

And We Bought a Zoo, probably. :D

The Incredibles.


The Full Monty
L’Emploi du Temps
Falling Down



Mr. Mom
The Insider
Fun With Dick and Jane (the 70’s version, at least)
Everything Must Go

Trading Places

I can’t remember if they get fired at the start of the Full Monty but they are unemployed.

Take this Job and Shove It

Falling Down.

Repo Man?

Besides already-mentioned Office Space and American Beauty, there was The Matrix and (to a lesser extent) The 13th Warrior, Being John Malkovich, Ride With The Devil and (later in the story as opposed to early in the story) Fight Club.

Half Baked

I don’t know if I would call it early in the movie but the narrator’s job resolution in “Fight Club” might count.

Drive Angry