You're stranded on a desert island with only one of these RPGs

…and, yes, the desert island has a fast internet connection.


Is this really that much of a conundrum? Unless you really, really hate MMOs, it seems to me like GW2 gets the obvious nod based on amount of content now and commitment to future development.

Do you have access to your debit card account on the island?

I haven’t played any of them, but the only one I have any interest in purchasing is Torchlight 2, so … that one.

I can’t think of a single game I’ve ever played that I’d want to get stuck having to play exclusively for months and months or however long rescue would take. As I’ve only played (though I very much enjoyed) two of those games, I won’t taint the voting pool with my uneducated opinion, but I actually CAN’T pick my favorite on that list (Torchlight 2) just because now after almost 40 hours I’m winding down on its charm a little. GW2 is fun, and I didn’t put as much time into it as I should have, so maybe that - though it feels a little repetative after awhile. Hmn. That’s a tough one.

Plus, any game you pick is sure to end up being your least favorite game of all time after a few months stuck alone with it. :)

Haven’t played any of them. It’s also telling that when I saw the thread title, I was expecting more story oriented choices like Fallout and Planescape Torment. My brain files “action RPG” in a whole separate classification.

I own the first two and enjoy both, but I confess to feeling like I really need someone to play GW2 with (like, all the time. the guild’s nice but it’s not that) to enjoy it fully, whereas BL2 has been quite enjoyable solo.

I chose Borderlands 2 for the dull reason it’s the only one I’ve played. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have participated in this poll. I acted rashly, and I apologize.

Yeah, just click one of the goddamned choices, huh?

where is the option “those aren’t real rpgs?”

Sorry, I’ll make sure to include a “pedantic internet nerd” option next time!


Wow, this is an incredible fantasy scenario. So, presumably, this is a desert island on which I’m stranded by choice, I already have all my basic needs being catered to, and have lots of gaming time because I am rich and I can afford to be on this island. And for some reason my wife is not on this island and so won’t know that I’m playing a game. Also, I’m guessing the beach on this island sucks, otherwise I’d be tempted to go snorkeling or do other water-based activities.

Given all that, I can’t stand MMOs, so Guild Wars 2 is out. Or is it? Chick and McMaster have spent the last few podcasts boring me to death while trying to convince me that Guild Wars 2 is not like other MMOs, and that it is an incredible game. And yet, every single thing they describe in that game reminds me a lot of the time I spent in Dark Age of Camelot. After that I was so burned out on MMOs I never ever wanted to go back, and all this Guild Wars 2 talk seems so familiar that I just can’t imagine the game being anything but torture for me. No meat to the actual gameplay, just MMO combat for months on end. Ugh.

So that leaves Borderlands 2 and Torchlight 2. I bought Torchlight 2 a while ago, but I’ve only played it for about 5 minutes so far. So I can’t really judge either game except for my experience with Torchlight 1 and Borderlands 1. And judging my those two games, I’d rather go with Borderlands. On paper I should hate Borderlands. It has so many of the MMO conventions that I hate. And yet, it’s different in the one way that even Guild Wars 2 is not different from standard MMOs: the meat and potato gameplay of shooting and killing things really kicks ass in Borderlands. And the whole gameplay is layered on that solid foundation. And so everything works. Even the parts I don’t like I can just brush off because at its core, it’s a really great to shoot stuff. Even if I didn’t care about the loot anymore. Even if I didn’t care about leveling up anymore. Even if I didn’t care about the story anymore. Even if I didn’t care for the art style anymore. It would still be fun to point and shoot at things with all the weapons in Borderlands. So it wins.

It’s a tough call between Borderlands and TL2 since one will receive future (potentially awesome) DLC and the other will be heavily moddable.

I have zero interest in the MMO hamster wheel.

How about none since I can use this ‘fast internet connection’ to get the games I want to play.

Has to be TL2. The other games are of styles that don’t hold an interest for me on paper.

Hmmm, do I have access to Steam because these games don’t interest me. Perhaps I will paint a face on volleyball or coconut and have conversations with it. Can I request The Witcher 2, Dark Souls, Dragon Age Origins, or a magically modernized version of any of the old Bioware RPGs?

why u no skyrim?

LOL Fine! I just picked the only game I’ve never played on that list, Borderlands 2, hoping I’ll enjoy it. I better, if I’m stuck playing it for who knows how long and I don’t like it, I’m blaming you!

Look on the bright side - if you don’t like it, you can use your extra guns to spell out “HELP” in giant letters and maybe someone flying overhead in Pandora will come rescue you.

This is like a “What is your favorite beer?” poll that lists only lagers. But from the list, GW2.