You're stranded on a desert island with only one of these RPGs

I selected Torchlight 2, primarily because I’ve only played that and Borderlands 2. Of those, I think Torchlight will have longer legs for me. Of course, this is like asking me which of my children is my favorite.

Now, I need to find some time to play Guild Wars 2 and then realize that I made the wrong choice.

Protip: This is not what people flying overhead in Pandora do.

Are you sure? Have you tried it?

Torchlight 2. Just because I am stranded doesn’t mean I can’t support the little guy. Plus, I hate MMOs

None of the above…

WoW is still better than all of those!

Traditional D&D with at least 4 other people. This way if you ever run out of food you could always kill, cook and eat other players.

Skyrim and 4-man DnD are both terrible, terrible choices.

Did Tom’s original question not mention the internet connection? Fat lot of good that’ll do you as you go tromping through Skyrim. Meanwhile those who chose GW2 can helpfully interrupt /team chat in WvW in GW2 to mention “Hay guyz, can someone send a search plane while we finish sieging the inner keep here at SM?”

GW2 because I have the best chance of contacting someone to save me.

I only played one of the three but that won’t stop my voting!

In case it’s not obvious, the point of lumping these three together is that they were all released with a week or so of each other. Furthermore, they each satisfy very similar gaming tendencies, but in very different ways. I also wonder how directly they compete.

But I quite like all three of them, and I was curious how other folks would weigh in.


Of those three, I have only played a little bit of Borderlands 2. I certainly wouldn’t like to be stranded on a desert island with it, though. Need more options!

It’s a odd way to phrase which one we like.

I haven’t played Torchlight 2 yet, and I doubt I’ll get to it soon, but I’d rate Borderlands 2 the superlative game over GW2, even though I picked GW2 as my desert island game. Because of content.

Borderlands 2’s highs are much higher that GW2 and I get a lot more satisfaction with FPS shooting mechanics than the plethora of MMO mechanics GW2 serves up. But I can only play BL2 for so long before wanting to do something else. It’s high intensity gaming, especially when I get co-op going. Also, it’s story was surprisingly good, but I doubt I’d enjoy the 3rd time around, much less over and over again on a desert island.

GW2, on the other hand, is such low intensity, comfort gaming that I could probably veg out to it while waiting for rescue, or rot to set in. There’s more than enough content to last a while, and I don’t have to worry about arranging gaming sessions with my buddies to fully enjoy it’s MP aspects. It’s a good game, but it’s enjoyment level is rather flat compared to BL2’s boss fights, awesome story moments and general shooty game play. I picked it as the DI game cos I expect to last, and lull me into a deep sense of ennui.

I haven’t played any of them, but if I was forced to choose one to have on a desert island, I guess it would be GW2

Do any of them have geolocation features and/or a /SOS command?

It’s a pretty common way of starting a debate in most English speaking countries and probably inspired the 70 year old radio series:

Wow, that really is a tough choice for me.

I actually purchased all three on release and have played all of them consistently since then. I have to make the choice each day on which one I want to spend my time with for that day.

I am maybe up to level 22 in TL2, level 12 in BL2, and level 56 in GW2, so haven’t finished or reached the end game in any of them. GW2 should have more longevity than the others, but I would say BL2 and TL2 are more challenging and/or give more immediate feedback and enjoyment depending on skill level, etc. However, if I could still join a guild and interact with the rest of the world, GW2 would almost surely win as I do enjoy the WvW and the crafting and there would be many races, classes, and zones to complete and would probably hold my interest longer. Short term, I would probably favor one of the other two, which is probably why I tend to pop into BL2 and TL2 more often right now when I am not trying to keep up with my wife in GW2.

On an island, though, I guess it would have to be GW2.

Those are some shitty RPGs! I’ll take the bullet instead.

Man, my day is complete now with your contribution on the table. You rock!

Do we get rum drinks with umbrellas, too?

Guild Wars 2. Mostly because I played Borderlands 1 and Diablo 3 this year, and GW scratches a different itch. If I was stuck on a desert island, I’d even have time to scrounge around for enough crafting materials to keep my leather working and huntsman skills on par with my level–right now I can only craft gear for level 50, and I’m 64.