Anyone have any experience with this? I think I’d like to give it a go, but I keep seeing that it’s aimed at women.

(posted here as it’s not really a game…)

It’s silly, but it’s probably as good a workout as any. It is very female-centric as far as the regimen goes, mostly low-impact aerobics, ball stretches, some rudimentary pilates stuff.

A friend of mine discussed her experiences with it here:

She seemed to like it.

What about PS2 fitness games, current and upcoming?

MS is being sued over this “game”.

Wow, the guy bringing that suit doesn’t seem to have much of a case based on what’s in that article.

Avary, who also has acted as a games consultant, claims that he had several meetings with Microsoft during late 2002 and in 2003 to discuss his idea for bringing a yoga game to the Xbox and he said MS even called his idea the “next killer app.” He believes that Microsoft took his idea without his permission and that ResponDesign then went on to rip-off of his concept. Now Avary is seeking $30 million in damages.

The problem with Avary’s complaint, however, is that Microsoft had nothing to do with developing or publishing this game. Yourself!Fitness was developed independently by ResponDesign and, therefore, the parts of the game that may resemble Avary’s yoga proposal are likely coincidental.


My wife loves the game. During any workout it asks how things are going, then adjusts the workout on the fly. helps set goals, and lets you focus on what you think is most important (weight loss, flexibility etc.). I play occasionally when I feel like doing more than just running on the treadmill, overall unless you jack up the difficulty it is very low impact.