Youtube - arggggg

Are there any tricks that can be done when Youtube just doesn’t want to play videos. Loading, loading, loading, doing nothing. It’s been like this for the past several days and vidoes I need tor eference are just ridiculously slow to load.

Try a different browser.

Youtube has not been down for days, so it’s almost certainly a problem on your end.

I had a lot of trouble with YouTube while I was on Comcast, to the point that I suspected they were intentionally hampering the service on their network. It often helped to seek forward by a few seconds.

You and me both.

I have Comcast too. It is freaking infuriating to spend 10 minutes trying to load a tiny 2 minute 1/2 Meg reference tutorial. I NEVER have this problem with Google video (no matter how huge the file) or any other video site.

How can we find out of Comcast is bulling crap like this?

You probably can’t.

You could only make a guess at this with some specific equipment or packet monitoring software. And even then, you can’t see the remote end of these connections, so it’s not really something you could say for sure. Traffic shaping is not like traffic policing. If the hardware doing this is any good, you won’t be able to tell much at all. To you it will either seem congested (as though things were going through a narrower hose,) or it will take longer to get response (as though someone added a couple of miles to the hose.)

Until we have guarantees within law that internet service providers can’t muck with stuff like this, I can tell you it will go on. Even then, I suspect some will break the rules, simply because it’s not easy to prove.

  1. Try another browser.
  2. Reinstall Flash.
  3. Try another PC.

I have similar problems on Time Warner. Sometimes changing video resolution makes it suddenly work faster.

View the videos using the YouTube app on your brand new iPhone 4.

How would any of those things improve his network throughput?

Look, sometimes YouTube is fast, sometimes it’s slow, sometimes it’s just right. They have flazzillions of servers, and they don’t all deliver content at the same rate at any given moment in time. There’s nothing mysterious about it.

Because it might not be the network throughput. Those steps are to rule out other issues.

You could also try the HTML5 beta. Just sayin’.

OP mentioned systemic and complete Youtube failure for days.

Now, you can assume that Youtube (or Comcast) has been consistently down for days, or you can take a swing at seeing if the problem is on the single user’s end. Occam’s Razor and all that.

Alternatively, OP can drive over to San Bruno to check up on Youtube and maybe offer them some help.

I have the same issue in Chrome every so often. Refreshing seems to do the trick most of the time.

Considering the OP, I’d almost pay to see that.

So are any other Comcast subscribers having trouble with YouTube today? Videos aren’t loading for me - most hang at the loading animation or an error message saying to try again later. Browser makes no difference.

Comcast in Atlanta… everything running smooth and fast, five by five.