YouTube for kids is really terrifying


I think the trend is college kids / 20somethings with too much time on their hands taking innocuous kid cartoons and over dubbing cursing in to them.

example - and even this one isn’t HORRID as I think some other ones are, but it’s still something I wouldn’t want a child watching until… I dunno like high school maybe?.
This was was one that my kids came across and asked if it was appropriate… (5th and 2nd grade - they were talking about MLG videos on youtube - some class mates did watch these)


OMG my daughter is always watching that Ryan’s toy review, I so hate that show.


Our curse is CookieSwirlC.


Same here. My wife actually finds her disturbing. I don’t have quite as bad a reaction to her, but I hate the greed for new toys it seems to inspire in my daughter.



Well, whaddaya know. The NYT writes about it and I guess that makes people jump.


The Washington Post, too! Although theirs is a response to the NYT piece.



Haha RIP Toy Freaks

It is good that some of the weirder shit is getting culled here. Gotta protect the chiltrens!


A bunch of major brands have pulled their ads from Youtube, apparently not over the videos themselves, but the comments accompanying them.

Frankly, I don’t understand why they don’t just get rid of YT comments altogether. What’s the upside?


Appears very specific to children’s videos, but yeah, quite odd.


It’s not like the comments on other videos contribute anything to the site or to human welfare. They’re a cesspool, and, clearly, a financial and legal liability. Just ditch them.


Bit of a boil the sea “solution” and also you can’t even see comments in the YouTube kids app as far as I can tell.

But for kids videos I could see a suppress all the time default, unless you are a proven adult sort of scenario being valid.


Personally, it’s a solution for YT comments. The kids videos aspect is just a bonus.


A bit more detail here. Apparently Eastern Europeans really like making child freak out videos?