Youtube on PS4 claims: no internet connection: FIXED

This happened a few months ago, then went away, and since yesterday happening again.
When I start YT on my PS4 it claims: no internet connection available.

However, all my other network services are working on my PS4 like Netflix or PSNow.

I google the internet, but nobody else seems to have this issue?
I unplugged and restarted my PS4 but nothing helps.

Any PS4 users here who can check their YT?

Is there an app update available?

no update. Strange. Youtube support has a twitter account where you can input your problems, well…

Try cycling power to your router? Method of last resort but for some reason it cleared a program error I had on an app on my Xbox.

My Roku quite recently did a big big update, and it turned out to be in part a block on Youtube TV. Maybe this is similar?

Restarted router, too with no help. I watch YT now on my XBox One, so it is not a provider issue. I uninstalled the app on PS4 and reinstalled. No success.

I wonder, is it just me??

really there is no way to contact Playstation support or YT support. Just some stupid twitter, where nobody actually answers or cares.

I finally, finally found a solution on the internet, that I didn’t try. In the playstation settings → Sharing and Broadcasts → Link with other services.

There I relinked my youtube account to PS4 and when I tried the YT app, it shocked me one more time with connection error, before it restarted.

Now it is working again. I start to hate computers, consoles and the whole no-support-mentality of the big tech companies. Yeah, when the hardware is broken, then you can send it in. But software? We don’t care …

I jinxed it, I wasn’t thankful enough. Connection is broken again. I logged out from the YT service in the PS4 settings, and logged back in. Confirmed security notification on my phone. Nothing. Arrgh.

it’s working again. I think it is some cloud issue, strange, but I don’t find others reporting on this. Maybe not a lot of folks use their PS4 for YT streaming, a lot of smart TVs have the YT app …

Bruh i keep having the same problem its happened twice and the only way ive fixed it is literally by leaving my ps4 for a week (i body hooked my tv after i gave up so i didnt have one for a week)

I can’t even connect to the Internet when I have a functional Ethernet CABLE connected to my PS4/5. if go WiFi, which is slower and more laggy it’s fine. So annoying!