Youtube Red - No ad YouTube for $9.99 a month

Besides ad-free video watching, YouTube Red allows saving videos to watch offline and includes a subscription to Google Play Music.

And original content!

This has the stink of fail on it already.

The name sounds like a NSFW YouTube.

Now that might work.

Huh. Looks like I get it free as a GP Music subscriber (we replaced Spotify with that in our household). Interested to see it, at the least. Kinda hate pre-roll ads -.-

And conversely if you’re already subscribed to GPM, you get Red for free. As a GPM subscriber I’ve already been getting a lot of this (no ads, offline viewing, background play), but only for the VEVO music stuff, which I almost never use. I do watch a good bit of other Youtube content though, so this is a nice bonus. I’d never pay $10/month to just remove ads from Youtube, but it’s a great perk for those who want or have a GPM subscription, especially if you got in on it when it was $8/month.

[edit]Armando beat me to it…

And yes, the pre-rolls have been especially bad for me lately when watching on Chromecast. The whole thing stutters and locks up for a few seconds when there’s an ad playing.

Hmm. Yeah, that’s actually how this will succeed now that I think of it. Rolling it into GPM makes it fairly worthwhile.

Not in the UK yet. For a combined GPM subscription, I could just about see getting this (though I don’t know what GPM has that Spotfiy doesn’t). I like offline downloads a lot for my commute and plane journeys etc, and getting rid of ads is always nice.

Upload your entire existing music library to the cloud (or at least 50K tracks of it) and have them available seamlessly alongside the streamed content. The uploading bit is free, actually; the paid GPM experience is basically just Spotify-but-in-a-browser-tab. But having both together is nice. Having ad-free Youtube tossed in is just plain lovely.

I don’t really want to upload my music to Google Play. The whole point of a streaming service (for me) is to have access to stuff I don’t own.

I mean, if I’m already on it, then fine, but it’s not a selling point for me. What I care about is whether there are more songs I don’t own but like on GPM than on Spotify.

Also it’s unlikely I’m going to drop Spotify anyway as following certain people’s playlists is my main method of music discovery these days.

It was a boon for me in particular because the new modem/router Time Warner “upgraded” me to when my old one died can’t actually handle port forwarding. Mind you, it says it can and even has a menu for it. . . it just doesn’t work. So suddenly my $20 Subsonic license became useless and I lost all access to my sizable music collection outside of my house.

GPM rescued it all by making it streamable without having to keep every bit of it on my phone (don’t think they make SD cards that big, anyway). That it also happens to basically be Spotify outside of that is nice enough.

Not saying it’s a game-changing feature for everyone, but it was super-useful for me.

I have Google Play Music All Access in Canada and YouTube Red won’t be launched for Canada at the same time.

I have a 64GB iPod for music, which is enough for me. Or at least it is when I don’t let the podcast backlog stack up.

I like the idea, but I don’t really trust Google Music or Apple’s service iTunes Match after all the cautionary tales about music being lost, mislabeled, misidentified, replaced with different versions, etc. When you think about all the versions of any given song, it sounds like it’s going to be too sticky of a problem for anyone to put the resources into getting it 100% right any time soon.

I guess I’m not in the target audience for this. I use Youtube to watch videos (admittedly, mostly gaming videos). I don’t see a ton of ads. Is it because I’m not using Youtube to watch music videos? Is the premise behind this that you’re using Youtube in lieu of a music streaming service?

Also, why would I download videos for watching later? This is something geared at mobile users maybe? I sorta feel like this:

I’m right there with you on “Who watches enough YouTube to care about their ads?”, but when it comes to downloading videos for later, I get the appeal. Watching a show on my phone while I’m exercising is a lot more convenient if I’m not trying to use a gym’s wifi, and sometimes I even watch a show on my lunch break somewhere. You can’t do much of that on most US cell plans. Amazon makes me wish I could do that with Netflix and Hulu too.

You forgot the ;) at the end. Because I’m like, totally sure you didn’t know about (NSFW)


PD: Is your wife with you right now? wink twice if yes.

Well there’s also “red band” movie trailers, red light districts, etc. Still probably less of an embarrassment than being associated with the Bruce Willis franchise though.

I feel like I would get infinity more value out of this than the dumb hulu-ad free thing I just signed up for. I’m in!

I just went from confused, to jaded, to outraged, and then happy.

I got to the part where “if you have a google music subscription, this is included”

Nice! This is a cool thing that I would never pay for seperately, but I subscribe to google music. Great!

I think it would be great to have offline viewing capability, I could pre-load speedrunning videos or movies (MST3K has a few on youtube) for use on a tablet while traveling. That is nice, I love the feature on Amazon’s app.