YouTube Redesign

Anyone else getting this? It’s definitely different.

I was getting it at home but not at work, but it looks like they’ve pushed it out to everyone now and I see it at work too. I don’t like how it’s reduced the number of new videos in my subscriptions that I can see at a glance, and hides it when you’ve got more than one new one from the same channel. Edit: Actually, they’ve made it even more confusing, new videos from the same channel are now both chopped up into separate entries in the list and sometimes as ‘+ One more video’ expandable entries, by some unclear criteria. Earlier on it was always ‘+ 3 more videos’ under each channel.

(They at least added the ‘Show uploads only’ flag; when I first started seeing it, it mixed in videos favorited by my subscribed channels, which I didn’t want at all.)

I just saw it a minute ago, and it doesn’t bother me so far. The added button for “larger picture” on the control bar definitely makes more sense than the arrow thingy they used before.

Needless to say all Google user experience is in the process of being overhauled according to a new visual style.

As someone posted on IGN in 2010: “Every time they update, it gets harder to use and less fun.”

It keeps getting worse.

What, AGAIN?

So, the new look broke the YouTube Downloader extension I had in Chrome, and I haven’t been able to find one that works with the new look. Anyone know of one that still works or how to switch back to the old look?

The new video interface is a step up, but the actual main page is a nightmare. I get a fraction of the information in the same amount of space, which makes it feel like a huge step backward. My subscriptions post tons of new videos, and the old interface let me easily see who posted what, and now I get a disjointed series of individual posts for each single video put up.

Can I keep the new interface on the video page and have the old main page back, please?

YouTube has a main page?

Is that the “cosmic hippo” design, with the three buttons for baby, mama, and papa bear sized non-fullscreen video? If so, I’ve been using it for months and greatly prefer it.

I don’t use the rest of youtube, I don’t look at the frontpage, comments, or browse around.

So awesome. Now I too can share my questionable taste in music with all my FRIENDS on Google+!

My biggest beef with the Youtube UI is that none of the default displays are what I want them to be, and I can’t change any of them in settings. For example, when I go to the front page of one of my subscribed channels, I don’t want to see the mini-sized featured video on the left and a tiny vertical list of uploaded videos on the right. Like, not ever. What I want is to see is the grid view of uploaded videos, most recent first. It takes at least two more clicks to get there, though, because I first have to click on the grid view icon at the top of the screen, and that takes me to a grid view of… playlists. Why is that the default, exactly? So then I have to click on “uploads” to get a grid view of individual videos, newest first.

So then if I decide to watch one of those videos, clicking on it takes me back to the fucking channel front page with the mini-sized video and the tiny vertical list of videos on the right. If I want to watch the video in a regular player page–and I always do!–I have to click again on the video title to open it up in a regular Youtube player page.

It’s maddening. And so easily fixable.

So what are these channels for? Like (I suspect) most people, I’ve only ever used Youtube by searching for something, and then going to the page for that video.

A channel is just the homepage for anyone that has a Youtube account. So if you want to see all the videos for a specific user, you can click on the user’s name to go to their “channel.” You can subscribe to channels to get easier access to users whose videos you frequently watch. New videos from your channel subscriptions also get posted on the Youtube front page. No, it’s not something you have to use, but it’s pretty damn handy, just like following specific RSS feeds that you like is a lot more convenient than doing random web searches for news.

Hahahaha seriously. I either go there because someone links me a video or I just use the seach bar in google’s return for youtube.

I can understand that not everyone might use it, but it’s hardly a bizarre, niche bit of functionality. It’s like saying “Haha, the NY Times has a front page? I just link to their articles from a Google news search.”

Which is fine and well, but surely it’s not surprising that some people might like the writing at the NY Times enough to bookmark the front page? The same applies to Youtube. I like Totalbiscuit’s “Let’s Play” videos, for example, so I’m subscribed to his channel. This puts a link to his channel on my profile page, automatically posts links to new videos that he puts up, etc.

What I don’t like, so far:

  1. I use Opera mostly. It has a wand feature to log me into sites where I have an account. Before, I could stay logged into Youtube forever it seemed. Now, I have to log in every time I go to the page if I want my homepage, etc to show. I notice that when I log in, it also logs me into the connected Gmail account, which I don’t want to be logged into. So when I log out of Gmail, it also logs me out of Youtube! Idiots. Youtube is a separate thing, why do they force Gmail to be associated?

  2. I used to be able to press the little ‘x’ in the corner of subscribed videos to remove them from the front page. Now that long row of subscribed videos just sits there, with no way for me to remove them.

  3. One third of the homepage is given to ‘recommended, spotlight, featured’ videos, NONE of which I give a crap about. I’d much rather see my subscribed videos take up that space(with little 'x’s in the corners so I can remove them if I wish).

  4. I think it’s stupid my ‘favorites’ are not linked on my homepage, in a prominent place. Why would I mark them as favorites if I didn’t want to see them? And if I want to see them why is the link to reach them hidden?

I like what they did on the left hand row, that ‘add channels’ row. It’s easy to read and yet takes up very little room.

Google unified all their logins. When you log into Youtube, you’re logging into Google, which means GMail, G+, Reader, Youtube, and whatever else.


Agree completely with this. I don’t go to youtube often so I always have a ton of new subscribe videos and end up deleting a lot. Now I can’t do this, why Google why? Also the login problem. But that popped up a couple of months back, that was a hassle too as I had different accounts for gmail and youtube.

I figured I’d give this new setup a little while. I’ve come to use YouTube almost daily in the last several months but this redesign has had me spending far less time on the site in the last month, which I would imagine is the exact opposite of what YouTube would want. I think there are several reasons for this.

  1. The new layout of my home page. I don’t mind it but the amount of information available to me at a glance is significantly cut down.

  2. Lack of control over my feed. This results in several problems that I’ll touch on but the whole thing just feels restricted, while the old system let me have all sorts of control.

  3. The G+ integration. Let me out of this mess! I don’t care what videos people posted on G+, if I want to see that I’ll go to my G+ page. It totally pollutes my feed with videos I don’t care about and ends up burying the ones I do. I basically have to use the “upload only” option but that removes other things that I like to see.

  4. The grouping and prolific channels. I subscribe to a couple of channels that upload a ton of videos, like easily several a day. I probably only care about 10% of them, but the terrible grouping ends up with these channels again polluting my feed with them showing several times. Why doesn’t a channel only show up once for a given period of time (say 24 or 48 hours) with ALL of the videos they upload in the “+x more” link instead of just last 3/4 and then have a second grouping?

  5. This forced into “upload only” means that producers that post shows to affiliated channels and then favourite them means I don’t see them. This doesn’t apper to be an unusual tactic either. One of the channels I like has some sort of affiliation with another channel that I don’t particularly care about. However about 10% of their videos get posted to the affiliated channel and then the one I subscribe to likes and favourites them so it shows up subscribers’ feeds. I now miss out on these because my regular feed is a fucking mess and there’s nothing I can really do about it.

  6. The lack of the little “x” others have mentioned. That thing was a god send in keeping my feed organized. Now even after I watch something I can’t get it out of my feed so they’re stuck there, forever and I don’t care about them. Same with channel that I subscribe to for particular content and not for others, I can’t get the content that I don’t care about out of my feed.

  7. Channel pages. These seemed pretty much perfect before I’m not sure why Google has screwed with them. Now everything seems to try and push to playlists, which is somewhat useless if you’re already familiar with a channels content. I subscribe to a channel because I care about their new content, not because I want to watch everything over again in a playlist. Get me to their new content NOW not three clicks from now.

Ultimately the significantly less information visible along with Google trying to force more information into your feed (G+ and such) the complete lack of control over my feed and the focus to playlists over individual videos has made the signal to noise ratio terrible. Let me control what comes into my feed and better control over what I see on channel pages, more isn’t always better!