Youtube Related Videos Help

I have a question about Youtube. Hopefully there’s a quick fix - though my finest Googling has turned up zilch, I have faith in Qt3.

My company has a Youtube channel. It’s got quite a few videos and quite a lot of views for something so boring.

Anyway, I was checking it out the other day without being logged in, and I noticed that on one of our more popular videos half the recommendations down the right-hand side are our other videos and some related content, which is cool. But I get halfway down and all the recommendations suddenly become for these weird gross-out videos - half-frog baby, that sort of shit. I logged in as myself, and they’re still there. I logged in as the company, still there. It’s not just me - a few of us have tried it, and we all get these horrible recommendations.

Obviously, we seriously do not want this. But I have no idea how to remove them, and all of the answers I find on the topic say that you can’t remove them - you just have to rely on the tender mercies of the Youtube matching algorithm.

That can’t be right, can it? Surely I must be missing something obvious here.

Put the videos on your private corporate website? Youtube is a cesspool but it’s a fairly open cesspool - if the linked videos violate the guidelines feel free to report them, fucker.

Thanks, fucker(?). We have tried hosting them ourselves but Youtube has lots of advantages over our website. Plus our channel views are on their way to six figures. One video has over 15000 views, so we’re pretty loathe to delete and reupload it.

I’m not sure if these videos violate the ToS. I mean, they’re pretty disgusting but in a “gross documentary” sort of way. Some of them have hundreds of thousands of views. But like, a thumbnail of a gory, just-born lamb with half a human-esque head on it really isn’t a nice thing to have on the side of a video. And the last thing I want to do is click through all that unpleasantness reporting it all. Especially since I very much doubt that’ll work.

It seems that you just have to live with it. Which is absolutely rubbish.

Nope! It’s based on various factors, including keywords and what people watch after watching your video. Basically your company is full of pedophiles.

You’re not paying for it, your video is the product.

Hmm. Well, the videos are actually marketing stuff. It’s mostly external views. So I guess that makes the whole internet full of people who love gross videos. Who knew? Oh wait. Everyone. Still, it seems really odd. Surely the proportion of people going on to view gross-out videos after watching our stuff should be comparatively minuscule? I mean, I’ve tried it off multiple clean IPs and all sorts, so it seems definitely to do with the video rather than the viewer.

I get that we’re not directly paying for it anything, but yeesh. Having no recourse whatsoever is a little rough. Oh well. I guess I’ll just check the tags on the affected videos again (they’re all perfectly innocuous) and then never, ever scroll down the page on some of our videos. Perfect.

Thanks for the help though.

Just for the record, using a new browser profile each time, right?

Yep. Even the same on mobile devices.