YouTube To My iPod?

Is there any way to download YouTube videos to my iPod? Thanks

Not without capturing & converting them to a format the iPod finds acceptable.

This article details how to use a handy little bookmarklet to download the youtube vid in .mp4 format, which I believe is one of the formats the iPod will play without needing any sort of conversion. Midway down the page is a bookmarklet for any youtube vid, not just HD ones, as .mp4.

I have used this a couple of times (the HD one anyway) and it worked perfectly.

There are various free programs to pull out the FLV out of the webpage which you can then transcode to MP4.

DownloadHelper is great if you use Firefox. If you don’t, TubeMaster does the same thing. Both handle conversion to compressed AVI and iPod and PSP formats, as well.

I’ll probably be hauled off in a van by guys in black suits and MLB caps for asking this, but is there anyway to download gameday audio streams from Neither DownloadHelper or TubeMaster can capture them. I’ve used Freecorder in the past to record the games in realtime, but that’s a terrible option. Freecorder will bascially record any system audio, so you can’t do much while it’s running. Also, it’s really buggy, and I think I’ve had maybe two successful attempts at using it. The odds of it crashing over the period of a three-hour game are very high.

Awesome. Thanks guys.