YouTube Wins NFL Sunday Ticket

Not sure if this is the right forum, but as a YouTubeTV subscriber, happy news! Looks like Apple lost interest…

Maybe update the title to say “NFL Sunday Ticket” - I didn’t know what this was until I clicked in, and I’m guessing I won’t be alone. Just my two cents.

There ya go!

This bit was interesting, from the linked CNBC article about Dish’s contract ending.

When the NFL signed contracts with CBS and Fox, the deals included language that mandates Sunday Ticket have a premium price so as not to pull too many eyeballs away from the local market Sunday afternoon games acquired by the broadcast networks, three of the people said.

That means any owner of Sunday Ticket rights won’t be able to significantly lower the price on the out-of-market package, which typically costs about $300 per year. It also prevents an existing streaming service, such as ESPN+, to simply add in Sunday Ticket at little or no extra cost to boost subscribers.

This is pretty exciting. I do wonder if they’ll have a monthly option though. I usually get YouTube TV for a month or so, it would be nice to be able to add Sunday Ticket during only that month instead of the whole season.

It’s unclear if there will be a monthly option but at least you won’t need YouTube TV:

What’s not expected is that you don’t have to buy YouTube TV at all; you can just order Sunday Ticket (still for all 32 teams bundled together) without forking over money for the usual cable channels first.

As a Google shareholder, this makes me furious, especially given the supposed uncertainty in the economic environment,

They might as well have stacked $10 billion in $100 bills into a massive pile, and set it on fire. It’s well known what the size of the addressable market is, and what the customers are willing to pay. It doesn’t add up to anywhere near $2 billion / year. At least with burning the money, it’d be over quickly.

Sounds like Google is most excited about Youtube creators being able to use footage from NFL games. That does sound pretty big in terms of being an enhancement to Youtube content over, say, TikTok.

Especially since, for that $2B, they didn’t get the commercial rights, i.e sports bars, etc. Directv only paid $1.5 B and that included commercial rights.

Is it? I think there’s a real chance to expand the market here. I’ve wanted for years to just pay for a Sunday Ticket streaming option, and you can’t get it without a Direct TV sub. And who the hell wants that? ;)

I have to imagine there are others like me who will shell out for just the NFL now that it will be available as a separate option.

Tell us how you really feel.

Is there a way to try Sunday Ticket for just one game? I guess you’d just find a bar that pays for it and have some wings and beer that afternoon?

This is understandable but I’ll miss Andrew Siciliano as host.

I think this will add viewers. I know many “college students” (the only folks with streaming real-time Sunday Ticket option) that can now come out of the closet and get their own subscription. My non-empirical take is that there are a lot of people (like me) that will purchase Sunday Ticket, but would not touch DirecTV with a ten foot pole.

i will have to admit that I am kinda sad that Apple didn’t win. Sunday Ticket rolled into the regular subscriber monthly price would have sold a lot of Apple TV subscriptions (I think).

I mean, Google has wasted well over 10 billion dollars on worse investments


And no more RedZone.

Double fuck.