You've been killed by pReCognantPenis

Playing Far Cry Instincts multiplayer last night, some guy named “ILoveMurder” was #1 in kills on the server. Take that Jack Thompson.

Can you imagine that guy calling in to XBox Live Customer Service? Holy cow, I’d be so embarrassed I couldn’t ever call customer service.

What’s the worst handle/gamertag/nick you’ve ever seen in an online game?

Something like -=XxXxXP3N1SR0CKXxXxX=-

Forget what game. Some FPS or other I’m sure.

I’d love to have to read that out over the phone – “That’s dash, equals, uppercase x, lowercase x, uppercase x – hello, can you hear me?”

Do you have to register a nickname for Instincts, or can you just change your nick regularly as in most PC shooters?

(Wait … if it’s Live, I guess that’s a permanent name, isn’t it?)

I’ve generally found that the most heinous nicknames are ones in games where you can change your nick as much as you want and it’s not tied to a credit card or email address. Of course, people seem to get really brave about being a dick when they think they’re completely anonymous.

Only thing that bothers me is racist/anti-gay crap. BF2 servers are generally pretty good about saying that stuff will get you banned, though.

Oh, yeah, the ones where you can change your name anytime you want are even worse. I confess, one time I changed my in game name to “A lack of skill”. Thus, when I killed someone, the game would report “A lack of skill killed l33tGuy”.

During the early days of online Quake, I was “LearninMlook” for awhile. A few people consoled me after they finished a successful circle strafe.

I have no idea how I played Quake (fairly well) keyboard only and I why I resisting switching to mouselook for so long.

It sucked for awhile though. I would make myself dizzy because I was turning my head to follow the moment of the mouse.


I use the nick “Jizz Mangoo” on SWBF.

Hey, it kind of sounds Star Wars-ey.



I used to play Subspace on a server frequented by “FamousAnus”

RedHelmut here…

Now that is classy.

I saw “Azzz Plunderar”, but I forget what game it was in.

For funniest, I saw a cleric in EQ many years back named “Roxxorz McOwnage” - that still makes me laugh to this day.

One of the highest rated guys in C&C: Generals was named “DONTCRYBITCH” IIRC.

I beat him once, or more accurately, I would have beaten him had he not disconnected like a little BITCH.

Incidentally= IS there a worse online gaming community than fucking Generals players? I’m sure there will be plenty of examples of how I “don’t know ‘bad gaming communities’ until I’ve seen Game X’s” but I really don’t see a scenario in which someone actually exists who is somehow more foul than the typical Generals player. I’ll elaborate later if needed, but it really disgusts me when I think about it. Fun game, fucking atrocious community.

I can’t believe you’re going to the effort to point out that one game “community” is worse than the others. It’s like saying dystentry is worse than diarrhoea. At the end of the day, we’re still wallowing in something dark and sticky.

Though, actually, I’d really like to hear your stories. :)

I’ve seen names on UT servers that, I think, would be grounds for any reasonable person to make efforts to remove the owner from society without any further ado.

There used to be a guy on Galaxies who used the nick ‘Gentoo Portage.’ Triple nerd score!


Holy fuck, I’ve been telling everyone around here that the best SW parody name evar is this guy named Jizz Mangoo on SWBF --you rule, man :)

I’m “Booba Felt” :)

Alec Trick.

It’s phonetic, bitch.

The best nickname I ever saw was “Serrated Head Juicer”. This was in Myth: The Fallen Lords.

And… I just realized that I, like others, have gone in completely the opposite direction of where the original poster asked us to go.