YTD Sales through April ("Paging wumpus")

Boy, talk about projecting. I haven’t mentioned a single specific console in this thread, and somehow you seem to be suggesting that I’m targeting Nintendo with my responses. I won’t deny for a second that I’ve given you a hard route in the past for being a “fanboi” of the Big N (even if you really aren’t), but I try not to be that way anymore. It’s just a waste of energy for me, so, frankly, I don’t care which consoles you play. I’m not kidding when I say I’m just glad that there are so many different kinds of consoles/games to chose from at this point in time.

That’s what rankles me, especially on these boards when you hear wumpus say it. But I’ve learned to ignore wumpus now unless he’s really spouting baseless nonsense.

IMO, your best bet is to ignore him, even when he spouts nonsense. But then, if you like talking/arguing about games, I guess I’m wrong.

I can get by with just GC and PS2 with the occasional game for my GBA/GBPlayer. Many of the favored Xbox games are available on the PC so if I really want to play them, I have a damn good PC to run those upon.

That’s funny; I have the exact same setup (minus GBA). Looks like we have something in common :)

So I’d say we throw around some sales numbers from time to time simply to prove that it’s not the end of the world like so many gamers (and even analysts) would have you believe. If you’re convinced that Nintendo is dead and they’re irrelevant to console gaming, then good for you, I don’t agree and anyone who takes a look at the business side of games in addition to the creative side will probably agree with me and not you.

Again, more Nintendo stuff that seems irrelevant to what I’ve said in this thread. But, whatever. I guess your postings in these console war/sales war threads have stuck out to me more than anything else you’ve said here, hence my apparently false assumptions about why you (and others) participate in these kinds of threads to begin with.

Finally, I really don’t spend as much time and energy into arguing here as you might think. I type very fast so these posts really don’t take more than five or ten minutes tops. I rarely have to go back and edit them much either. So in all, maybe I spent 20 min. in this thread. Since I like to talk about games and the business of games, that was a fun 20 minutes.


Well, I don’t like arguing on forums in most cases because it’s a waste of my energy, and I’m not that good at it, anyway. So, more projecting on my part; sorry :)

I’m sure it has because NPD doesn’t track 100% of the North American retail market or Europe. The old rule of thumb was to double NPD figures to get an estimate or world-wide sales.