Yu Gi Oh: Destiny Board Traveller?

Does anyone know anything about this GBA game? I’m not finding any reviews, previews, or anything besides the 4 screenshots on EBGames. It looks vaguely Culdcept-like, but that doesn’t really mean anything.

I’m also curious about this one.

Hey Gang,

I also heard it as Yu-Gi-Oh does Culdcept…which may be tolerable if it means a decent portable version of something Culdcepty.

My only fear is previous Yu-Gi-Oh games, beyond having a weakly balanced card game at their base, have had ATROCIOUS AI that’s onlyt slightly challenging by having the greatest cards you’re unlikely ever to find.

Noboby knows anything? Anybody knows nothing? Nobody knows nothing? Anybody knows anything… ?

There are some details here:


But I’m not too impressed from what I’ve heard. One point alone, if its true REALLY turned me off:

When you land on a space with an opposing baddy you just see its picture and won’t know its actual power/defense until you put a card down. No trouble, I guess for the true Yu-Gi-Oh veterans who know every card by sight but VERY annoying for those of us no that familiar with them.