Yugoslavian Computer Magazine Cover Girls


Exactly what the title suggests.


Man, then Yugoslavians were so next level. Sick commentary on how we are all but shackled to our technological needs in this new modernity, this wasteland of digital excess.


Really puts the perfect in Corel WordPerfect.


OMG some of those are SO great!


Jeez that is all so sad.


Why is she wearing wires on her head?


Really? I thought there were some great ones in there. Did you see the one with the woman who looked like she was at the Gold Cup in her big sun hat with leashes on the two computers like they were dogs pulling her? There were couple like that in there.


I just meant that many of the women look embarrassed in the photos, and I’ve always found it pathetic to try to sell hardware–whether cars, computers, or whatever–using female bodies. Plus, gad those '80s outfits!


Because cyberpunk.


Best part of the article is the author’s name: “Yeoman Lowbrow”


What the heck is even going on in the April 1988 cover?


Oh right, like that’s never happened to you before.


The computer barfed up a dead male stripper LOL.