Yuji Naka's last chance: Balan Wonderworld

Never owned a Wii .


That was incredibly funny

Ugh, why did you have to mention Yu Suzuki (creator of my favorite gaming franchise ever)

His primary credits post 2000 or so have been Producer, so it seems it isn’t entirely unfair to judge his output on the broader level. I don’t know anything about his actual role on these projects, but its possible that he got Peter-Principled out of programming and into a role that he’s not so great at.

Balan Wonderworld looks like one of his few Director credits, so it might be that he’s just not a good fit for that role. Doesn’t take anything away from his talent as a programmer.

Yes, if you aren’t fired, you become a suits in the military-inspired corporate culture.

Because Shenmue 3 was bad and he has the gall to end it on a cliffhanger to try and drag it out.

Shenmue 3 is awesome and haha, you play Shenmue for the story!

If his resume is a bad one, I have no idea what a good one looks like…

Typically when you see a 21 year gap in a resume, that is a red flag

If you look at the production history section he has a game released every 1-2 years, no 21 year gap. Granted, he does only have 2 credits as director - now and 22 years ago - maybe that’s what you meant?

He’s done more than Sonic, that’s for sure. But he hasn’t done anything noteworthy in the last 15 years.

Yes 12

Maybe play some of the recent games he produced before throwing them into the dump.

That being said, the demo of balan for the switch was a sad affair of terrible performances (yes, even for me the 30fps lover)

Do you recognize any of these titles?

|2008|Let’s Tap
Let’s Catch
|2009|Ivy the Kiwi?
|2011|Wii Play: Motion
|2011| Fishing Resort
StreetPass Mansion / Monster Manor|
Digimon All-Star Rumble|
Rodea the Sky Soldier* (original Wii version)|Producer|
|2014|StreetPass Fishing / Ultimate Angler|
|2016|StreetPass Chef / Feed Mii|
|2017|Legend of Coin |Programmer]

Are any of these good? I didn’t intend to “throw them into the dump”, but I don’t recall hearing about any of these titles like I have the other post-Sonic The Hedgehog games I didn’t even pay, such as Nights into Dreams, Chu-Chu Rocket, or Samba De Amigo.

Wikipedia isn’t always reliable, so maybe some titles are missing from this list?

Ivy the Kiwi was a nifty game, which was pretty much of copy of another one whose name escapes me as usual, unless that other one was the one who copied it… Anyway it used the remote as a mouse regrettably. I think the game would have been better adapted to computers (not an option in Japan) or, even better, to tablets (but that was too early).

The Wii version of Rodea is a weirdass Remote driven game that I didn’t like just as I didn’t like Nights. I’m 3D challenged. I know a friend of a friend who liked it. That’s an endorsement.

Fishing Resort is the best fishing game since Kawa no Nushi Tsuri 2 on the Super Nintendo, and the reason to own the Wii.

A different take on what went on with this:

The game stills looks undercooked/underbudgeted to me, though

I mean, everything I have seen of the game just feels like it is fundamentally bad. The costume abilities are fairly limited in scope and application. It is kind of one of those annoying things where there are X obstacles in a level that require Y costume. The game doesn’t want you to experiment around with things. Like, it would be super fun if you could get around an obstacle with multiple types of costumes, but it is just not designed with that philosophy.

I mean, I give them credit for making a brand new IP from scratch, and the game certainly looks good, and I like the art-style, but there are some baffling design decisions throughout. The gameplay is, at its core, a solid concept, but it is just executed so poorly.

I think Dunkey pretty much nailed it with (paraphrased), “This is Mario Odyssey, if Mario Odyssey sucked.”

Yeah, the music likeness at the beginning is pretty crazy too.