Can’t wait.

Great promo. Barry with his monkey shooting kalashnikovs was the highlight for me.


I knew what this was about the minute I read that. :)

Barry is the bomb.

I’m confused. I was expecting something from Archer. That’s Lana’s catchphrase.

Yeah, so was I…

And Barry’s the name of a character on that show, too.

Every other “reality” show I’ve seen may as well have been designed specifically to annoy and sadden me personally, but Storage Wars has the opposite effect in almost every way, and I’m not entirely sure why.

I guess partly it’s the format, which is an unexpectedly happy combination of Antiques Roadshow and some kind of loud card game that is kind of like poker but not exactly.

Partly it’s that the characters aren’t the usual moronic poo-flingers from central casting, but it goes further than that. They each have a kind of occasionally goofy authenticity that keeps them (mainly) likeable – or at least lifelike.

I have known and been exasperated by several different versions of Darrell – the blustery dim-bulb with the ill-founded optimism. I’m glad I don’t have to work with him anymore, but I genuinely wish him well in his battle with the nefarious but rather more competent Dave.

Really looking forward to more of this, and I’ll be interested to see how long the chemistry keeps fizzing.

They tried to replicate the magic with Storage Wars: Texas and completely failed. It’s all about the personalities.

Eesh. I didn’t even know there was a spin-off. I’m not surprised it didn’t work. You can see a drop-off when they bring in the occasional person off the bench, and locating a new franchise in Texas couldn’t possibly help.

This show is a fantastic amount of fun, and I think I’m completely in love with Barry, as are all of my family members. I talked to my mom on the phone one night, and she had a cute hatred of Dave.

They really did nail it with personalities that just make it a blast to watch.

YouTube is blocked at work, so up until this post, I still thought it was about Archer. I could totally see Barry and a monkey shooting AKs.

It really is all about the personalities. Darrell and his son are goofy but likeable and you’re almost always happy to see them succeed. Jared can be kind of a dick sometimes, but it’s obvious he’s doing this to support his family whom he loves so you’re still happy to see he and Brandy succeed (and the dynamic between them is often entertaining as well). Dave is not as big a jerk as he’s made out to be, and yet you still roll your eyes every time he snags a locker for a song that turns out to have thousands in commercial equipment or whatever in it. Finally Barry. Barry is just pure awesome, and without him I don’t think the show is nearly as popular. Barry is in it for Barry, he’s just looking to find cool shit and take it home with him at the end of the day. I’d love to see that guy’s house and all the amazing stuff he’s collected over the years. Barry is part pack rat, part raunchy grandpa and all heart.

Looking forward to the new season.

On a couple of occasions, they’ve shown Barry re-selling / gifting the contents of a locker to somebody else since it didn’t have anything interesting in it, and I guess he didn’t want to haul everything. I have to imagine that happens pretty frequently.

What? What? Darryl’s a fucking dipshit. I’ve never seen a dude on TV I want to punch more than that guy. I’m glad he dropped the stupid “wow factor!” nonsense he (or the show’s producers, or both) were clearly desperately trying to make into a catchphrase, but he’s still a fucking idiot.

Here’s how I want Storage Wars to end: Darryl’s son, after hearing his father spout some inane bullshit for the millionth time, murders him with a pickaxe they just found in a locker. He calmly puts another padlock on the door, and walks away, leaving Darryl’s body to be found by the crew of Storage Wars: The Next Generation.

Wait, you want to punch Darryl more than you want to punch Dave!?!

Dave’s an asshole on purpose. He acts the way he does because it bugs everybody else. Darryl’s a natural.

They tried to pattern the Texas folks from the original, but it didn’t work out. You have “The Doc”, who was meant to be Barry and is really pretty likable, but still a pale immitation. There you have Vic who is meant to be Dave but he doesn’t have nearly the knowledge or ruthlessness of Dave. And then Ms Lisa… impossible to watch. She was meant to fill the Jared role and of course, that didn’t work out. She doesn’t come off as new to the industry and driven to learn, she instead just comes off as a redneck idiot.

You can tell they got desperate to turn the show around. Roy Williams is practically a regular cast memeber now. He’s starting to fill the Jared role from a knowledge gathering standpoint. Let’s face it though, the man is a multi-millionaire. I pull for Jared because it’s obvious he’s doing this to feed his family. Williams is doing it because he views it like a competition and wants to “win”.

He’s a dipshit yes, but not in an evil or intentionally malicious way. While he can be annoying sometimes his interactions with Dave are entertaining, and he’s gone out of his way a couple of times to help Jared and Brandy when they were first starting out. I can think of a lot of people on TV I’d rather punch if given the opportunity.

Yeah, Barry’s clownish dilettante works nicely against the other established or up-and-coming professionals. But his buffoonery is really well-judged. He’s not a one note idiot, and there’s no mocking cynicism that I can see: he is clearly enjoying the whole enterprise, and his curiosity and love of novelty and play come across as completely sincere.

In one of the auctions Barry barges late into the bidding with an aside to the camera that it’s time for him to make his move, and then, cutting back to the auction, he announces a loud “YES I am!” to the auctioneer. This had me laughing my head off. Did the editors cut something there? Did the auctioneer only half-notice Barry at first, and have to ask him if he was actually bidding? Or, unprompted, did Barry decide to declare his arrival in the game with that wonderfully random statement of himself? It was probably editing, but I prefer to think he was making both a bid on a locker and more general assertion to the cosmos.

Ms. Lisa is horrible to watch, but her zaftig black employee is hilarious. That guy should get a show of his own.

Also, Darryl is always entertaining.

The promo ad was just silly. But whatever, I’ll still watch. I’ve tried to to watch the Texas edition, but the personalities don’t gel and it winds up as just an uninteresting spin-off even if they are doing the same thing as the original series.