Zalman, Baby, Zalman!

Since Wumpus isn’t around to agitate for a hardware forum anymore, I have taken up the torch. Give us a hardware forum, or give us death! Maybe not the death.

Anyway, my new cpu fan finally showed up. At the lowest setting, the thing is nearly inaudible with the case on, and there’s so much surface area it doesn’t even get hot to the touch under full load (2.4 P4 oced to 2.8). The CPU tops out at 58C, the same as with the thousand-times-louder stock Intel fan. It’s a royal bitch to get on there without removing the motherboard from the case, though.

Throw in a barely audible PSU (though I didn’t get the manually adjustable fan model; what on earth is the point?), unplugging the fan on the motherboard heat sink, and unplugging the fan on the Geforce 4 4200 (thanks to the nice wrap-around heat sink, this is ok, although it gets toasty), and it’s about as quiet as with the full watercooling setup. A pox upon liquids!

Anyone want a used Enheim 1046?

I got the Zalman 6000 for my Athlon, and a Forton power supply (cheap AND quiet). Damn. I love my new quiet PC. If I would just get off my ass and figure out a way to make my GF4 fan shut the hell up, it’d be near silent.

Is that really a 92mm fan? I’m not sure I could even fit that in my case (with the HS fins, I doubt I could fit it under my power supply).

I use this setup, and it also works very well (it’s an 80mm fan, but it sits atop the HS, so the whole setup is no wider than the fan). One thing I have noticed is that larger CPU fan = quieter computer. Those little fans have to spin at much higher speeds, and they are noisy little buggers. Now if I could just replace the fan on my video card…

Sounds like my next plan to spend money I don’t need to be spending. :-)

I already have the quiet Enermax PS. Thanks to Jason I now know what CPU fan to get.

Now… Any recommendations on quiet case fans? How about GF4 fan replacements?

It’s a smaller fan than that 92mm monster; probably 80mm. I think it works because there’s all sorts of subdivisions and folds on the heat sink, driving the dissipative surface area through the roof. It’s big, but you can search around for reviews and see the pictures; it fits on most motherboards.

They sell replacement heat sink thingies (including memory) for the GF4; you might be able to slap those on and just unplug the fan.

As to case fans, I don’t use any at the moment; they don’t seem to make much difference. The quietest ones out there are the 80mm Pabst/Papst 8172whatevers. I have 3 here I’m never going to use if you want one.

i was browsing through some of the “deals” websites not long ago, and found a place that had a deal on Zalman coolers (the deal is dead now, so don’t ask), so i said wtf, and loaded up on stuff. unfortunately, they had a 1pc max on any component, but what the hell… i grabbed everything i could, and ended up with:


all for a shipped price under US$80… i don’t think it was too bad of a deal.

unfortunately, i doubt i’ll end up using any of it until i do my next round of building new machine(s) for myself, so it’ll just collect some dust until then.

but! i am happy with some of the older zalman stuff i have for some P3 machines here… quiet stuff!

Maybe I should have waited for this. Sweet jesus.

I know you guys want a hardware forum, but in the meantime, you might help yourself more by giving your threads better titles. I ducked in here expecting to read something about the creator of Red Shoe Diaries.


Heh, amusingly enough, so did I, Tom. Only I was expecting to see something from the creator of Zalman King’s CHROOOOOOMIUM BLUUUUUUE! Vampire soft core porn! How can you beat that? WITH A FUCKING BAT.

What scares me is that this thing is on wheels. They expect people to wheel this thing around. It must be heavy or something.

I recently bought a Zalman 6500 CPU cooler along with an Antec Sonata case (which uses a single 120mm fan, IIRC, to cool the case).

Damn thing is near silent with my new Athlon XP 2400. Gotta love it!


I like Zalman as well. I currently use their 300W power supply and I also have some of their 80mm fans. They might not always be the test winner but they usually make good products. If I buy a new graphics card (I have a fanless ti200) I will probably equip it with the ZM80A-HP.

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I unplugged the fan speed monitor of the Enermax; the thing was spinning up to be a little too noisy under load. According to this, running my 2.4 at 67C is just fine…