Zalman Theatre Surround Sound Headphones

I was wondering if anybody here has any experience with these headphones?

They’re not very good and those things sticking off the sides of the earpieces are annoying. The Turtle Beach Earforce headphones are much, much better, though a bit more expensive.

Now they’re making headphones? Zalman is just sticking the brand name on a third-party product, right?

They work but are heavy.
Trust makes a pair that does the same but weigh less and look slightly better - and they’re just as good… er bad.

Get an X-FI the stuff they can fool your ears into hearing on a regular set of earphones are amazing and actually better, even though these makes real surround (the seperate “speakers” are very close, so there’s a limit to how much they can do)

Thanks for the input. My wife had me move my computer and now she complains about the noise I make when I blast somebody, so I was looking for some decent multi channel headphones.

I use the Gainward surround sound phones myself. The positional audio is FANTASTIC with these, where Zalmans seem to be met with a ‘meh’ when I check around.

Unfortunately, they feel pretty cheap. Which they are. And one of my drivers already blew. I mean, I’ve had the product for a while, but not THAT long…

Myself, I’m gonna get the upcoming Razer card+headset.

I like mine. I haven’t had a chance to really test out how well the surround works, but I’ve been using them as standard phones for about 2 months and they rock. I started today using the surround and so far I’m happy