Zarf's Hadean Lands project

Disclaimer: Zarf is a friend of mine. But I still suspect this is of interest to many people here.

Multiple IFComp winner and well-known amateur IF author Andrew Plotkin (cf: GET LAMP documentary) is trying to go pro, developing an IF game for the iPhone as well as planning future products

There’s also a teaser introduction to the “Hadean Lands” game that’s playable in a web browser.

Talk amongst yourselves.

I have it preordered. I’m a big fan of Plotkin’s other work, good on him for being able to go fully IF and pull in all that he has. Two $1000 donors!
RPS has an interview.

I’ve been a huge fan of Zarf’s work for longer than I really want to think about, and this has me ridiculously excited. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

Personally, I think So Far was overrated. But everything else he’s done is gold. I’m really excited to see this happen.

So Far was incredibly atmospheric… but its deliberate obtuseness was kind of a barrier. (Heads off to read about Hadean whatsit.)