Zathura: Jumanji in Space?

First I’d heard of it. Looks like it could be a good kids movie with some adult appeal.


Ehh, I never liked Jumanji, it didn’t really work as a kids movie. It was like it was part kids comedy and part creepy horror movie.

The style of the trailer really does make it look like Jumanji.

“Make it look like”?

It’s a total ripoff, and of a bad movie to boot. Just get your kids a copy of Indian in the Cupboard instead.

Rip-off? They’re both based on books by the same author, Chris Van Allsburg.

Yeah, did you guys close the trailer before the end?

Anyway, what a bunch of friggin’ anti-computer gaming propoganda. “Play board games! Old ones! Who knows, you might have a magical Candyland or Payday or Bargain Hunter that transports you magically to a real land of candy (or one where you, uh, get paid or spend money thriftily)!” I mean, shit, there’s a shot of the kid’s PC getting blown up right there in the trailer. Bullshit.

“Dad’s gonna be me mad.” Yeah, that line (or a better variation of it) was funny in Lost Boys.