zCover for iPod

I’ve been really nervous about scratching the screen on my new 5G iPod so have been looking around at some of the first 5G-compatible protective cases to come to market. It looks like several options are now becoming available from Belkin and the other usual suspects, but I got tired of waiting so jumped at what appeared to be the very first one to arrive - the zCover iSA.

It arrived today and I’m very pleased with it. The stretchy silicone casing slips on and off the iPod easily, and the plastic screen protector fits snugly, not obscuring the picture quality at all. There’s also a handy rotatable belt clip which fits neatly over the Monster Cable car clamp I already have installed.

Recommended - so far, at least.


zCover, eh? Perhaps it was made by ze Germans, ja?

Actually they’re Canadian. Who would have thunk it?

So then it’s pronounced zed cover, right?

Thanks for the link Gary. I’ve already scratched mine all up to hell, but I ordered one just to keep things from getting worse.

What color did you get? I got the clear one and it’s cool because it almost looks like the iPod has no cover on it at all.

I got the black cover. Curious to see how it looks, but I’ve never been a big fan of the shiny aluminum backplate, so I’m happy to cover it up. My biggest hope is that the case can help the device survive an inevitable drop, or two, in the coming months.

Buy some zymol cleaner/polish at the local hardware / car shop and you can buff it right up. Or you can buy some ipod-specific polishes online that will also remove scratches. Unlike those, though, the zymol will also do a serious number on your car… really recommended.

It seems like the rubbery silicone provides a fairly nice cushion, so I’m guessing it will help it survive anything that’s not too dramatic.

BTW, here’s what mine looks like with the clear case on:

Pretty invisible, which I like. And the plastic screen protector is really nice too, you retain pretty much 100% image clarity through it.