ZDNet bizarreness

Take a look at this.

Modern web design takes a turn. Specifically, a 90-degree counter-clockwise turn.

Now it’s likely that these are scans of the document that they just wouldn’t bother to rotate prior to publishing the article. What’s bizarre to me is how the entire article only takes up half of my browser window. So what it looks like is, to preserve their style of only taking up half of my browser window, they’re rotating the page sideways.


Why not just take up the whole screen and let me see the scanned diagrams without having to rotate my laptop onto its side?

…and, on safari on the ipod touch… (see what’s coming?) …it’s a never ending race of rotating the window to see it for 1 second, before safari rotates it sideways again.

someone youtube this…NOW…

You may have a faulty Touch. Mine does not rotate by itself.