Ze germans have done it again! (Thief 3 vid)

C’mon it’s thief! How can you not want to watch? :)


Looks nice, though it has the same goofy ragdoll bodies as Raven Shield did. They must fix that before release.

Great AI. I guess the Blacksmith was caught up in all that thinking everyone is supposed to do while sneaking around and decided standing still and letting himself be shot with flaming arrows was being stealthy. Exciting.

I think I would rather get shot with a flaming arrow than play this game.


Chet hates the game – check. Any other recommendations? C’mon wumpus, you’ll hate the game too, don’t you?

PS: Nice video! The reporter explains that there’s “real” lockpicking now – you have to move your two lockpicks independently, according to the clicking sounds you hear.

And I liked the fact that NPCs have individual physique and posture – notice the thin talking guy with the slumping shoulders. Nice change from usual shooters (the kind that Chet likes) where every character is a bodybuilder or a supermodel.

Great video! Thanks for the pointer to it, can’t wait for this game to hit stores.

Well, umm, no offense to the excited, because I’d like to play Thief III as well - but the AI did look terrible in that movie. I mean, when the player picked up the guy’s dead body after he’d shot him, I was thinking “why bother? If this is just like Thief 1/2, and from what I just saw, it is, then I can just leave the body there and any guards who come by will hunch their shoulders suspiciously and mill around while I shoot them with arrows from the dark.” Even the second encounter after climbing the wall looked like classic Thief AI, where the computer thinks it hears a noise, the NPC jumps back, turns in your direction, then has a long, awkward pause while it decides if you’re really there or just an illusion (that is, a player who ran by pretty fast or at an oblique angle).

Hey, I’d pay for a Thief 2 mission pack with better graphics.

Erm. The game is obviously unfinished. Why pick on the AI and the ragdoll physics when that stuff is typically tweaked towards the end of the development cycle?

Patience is a virtue.

Better to pick on the flaws now rather than after shipping. I guess nobody picked on the ragdoll stuff in Raven Shield?

That sounds terrible.

Some of the bumpiness of that demo probably could have been eliminated if whomever was giving it had practiced their presentation. Note to people showing demos. ;)

That item selection UI has to go or be revisited. That’s one of the clunkiest things I’ve seen in ages. Even the guy presenting the demo was obviously struggling with it.

Can’t wait to play it…

Warlord of Mars, because it was never tweaked in those other thinking man’s games.

Though i think the glowing - click me/open me on the doors and crates will remove this game from being considered a thinking man’s game.


This is awfully beautiful…but it’s poo. Perhaps that’s what makes it so interesting. It’s not your regular, garden variety poo. No, sir. This is hollywood poo. It’s gorgeous poo. Celebrity poo.

Poo with an adjenda.

Did the team miss the point of this game? I’d like to believe that the ‘optimizations and fixes’ are coming. I think we all would. But how many people genuinely believe that? The AI is stone stupid. :(

I will not express an opinion about the AI one way or another (because I worked a little bit, indirectly, on this game). But I will say that the developer has recently made some staffing changes with regard to AI. (That is not a promise that the AI will be actually “good” in the final game – I really have no idea, there are a lot of factors involved in that).

Jonathan Blow, you are a liar. The AI is great. Just ask Christoph Nahr who oddly knows my every love. But I have run, i need to go and reload BF 1942. I missed the whole supermodel thing.


Jonathan Blow, you are a liar. The AI is great. Just ask Christoph Nahr who oddly knows my every love. But I have run, i need to go and reload BF 1942. I missed the whole supermodel thing.

And the stellar AI in said BF 1942, no doubt. Then again, the AI in BF 1942 doesn’t plane camp, so it’s better than 90% of the online BF players. I’ll shut up now.


I always found it amusing that the AI in BF1942 always knows precisely where you are, and even if you’re a lone sniper on a hill half a mile from the combat zone, you can count on an entire mechanized division being detailed to kill you. Because, you know, you’re the only target in the entire game that they care about.

So you believe the dev is doomed to repeat history, never learning the lessons? It’s so easy to be negative about an alpha or a beta. Wait for the finished version, darnit!!

Not a fan of the glowing dealie, either. Hoping that will be removed.

I’m just surprised Chet didn’t bitch about the crates themselves. Did you time the STC of the video, Chet? :P

The glowing selection of objects was in Thief 2 as well I believe - I doubt it’ll be removed.