Zelda lockups?

So my Wii has been doing fine playing Wii Sports, Elebits, Trauma Center, etc. But whenever I play Zelda: TP it seems to randomly hard-lock the console, to the point where I have to unplug and reconnect the power.

Anyone else seeing / hearing of problems like this? Dunno if I should be looking askance at my Wii, or at Zelda’s coders…

This definitely isn’t a universal problem. I had no issues with my playthrough of Zelda, and though my Wii has done funny things a time or three it’s usually when I was trying to turn it on/off/reboot anyways. Plus if you’ve had hours of play in Elebits, I can’t really imagine that it pushes the system less in any way.

As unusual as it is these days, perhaps it’s a funked up disc? Just for the sake of throwing up unlikely suggestions, have you tried laying your Wii horizontal?

I’m about 12 hours into Zelda now and never had any problems. Never read about anything like that either. I agree with Nut- maybe exchange the disc.

20 hours and no problems.

Pshaw. You guys are lightweights! 50+ hours and no problems.

Sounds like a bad disk, Xemu.


25 hours and no trouble so far.

Add me to the list of people who haven’t had any lockups or other problems playing Zelda.

Nut’s right about the on/off/reboot stuff though. The Wii gets kind of wonky if you eject a disc in the middle of a game and then turn it off/on with a new disc in it. Pretty annoying, really.

Definitely a bad disc if everything else works fine. We had to return Rayman Raving Rabbids because after the first play the game refused to start at all. New copy worked fine and haven’t had any problems since.

Hm, ok, I’ll inspect the disk again for errors but didn’t see any originally. The lockups are at kind of random times so it doesn’t feel like bad data on the disc, but who knows. Hopefully I can rule that out and then swap out my Wii if need be (hopefully Nintendo is OK at that sort of thing, never had a console failure under warranty before).

I didn’t even realize the Wii could operate horizontally!

12 hrs so far no issues.

It sounds like a wonky disc. No harm exchanging it is there? Certainly beats swapping the console.

There didn’t seem to be anything visibly wrong with our Rayman disc either. It just… didn’t work. Hit start in the Wii menu and then just a black screen. Very strange stuff considering the first couple times it played fine, but then ceased to work entirely. Tried many, many times and then finally returned it and the new copy worked flawlessly.

Well, now my Wii gets into this state instantly on boot. Sadness. :(

No video, power light comes on and then won’t turn off again short of yanking the power. I guess I get to see what Nintendo’s repair policy is like…

Does it do that with no disc in the drive as well? I have been having issues with my super swing golf disc occasionally crashing the wii and I’m going to be taking it back for a replacement disc this week.

One of my friends had a similar problem and was pleasantly surprised with how quickly Nintendo replaced his console; I hope you experience the same good service.


Yep, tried it empty, with a variety of Wii discs and Gamecube discs, tried it horizontally, tried both component and composite cables, etc. No dice.

Does turn out that the power button “functions” if you hold it in for like 10 seconds. Still no visual output though.

I’ve heard good anecdotal evidence about Nintendo’s replacement / repair as well, a nice contrast to the horror stories I’ve heard about Microsoft (much to my dismay as an MS employee). So fingers crossed about that, good to hear though!