Zelda not until November now :(


Man, I was looking forward to playing this in a few months too. They keep saying over and over and over again that it’s going to be a gamecube title. How much money you want to bet that it ends up being a Rev launch title (whether it’s really for the cube or not)? I have no reason to keep my cube now as there’s nothing coming down the pipe I’m interested in.

The DS on the other hand, bless ye handheld of dual screen goodness.

If it’s November, that sounds about right for Rev launch. Which makes sense, because the last thing they want is for people to buy Gamecubes just for this game at this late date, when they can be a Revolution this fall (probably).

That’s a good point. Add to that the Rev is supposed to be really cheap, 200 (or 250?) tops. Some folks may end up buying a Rev instead. Wonder if any of that rumored Rev control mechanisms will be in the game now. (I eagerly await new control schemes for Metroid Prime 2, and 3, good lord that’s going to kick ass).

So, are we going to see a hybrid game, one that will play on the GC, but shine on the Rev? If I was Nintendo (and I am so very much not) I’d save it for a Rev launch title. The GC is dead, the Rev is the future. And if the Rev ships with both a Mario and a Zelda title, look out.

I really hope they enhance it for rev with better textures, AA, etc. Rev controls only if they really improve the game, they don’t need to add it just for the sake of it.