Zelda: Twiilight Princess

‘Hello, Tom.’ ‘Tom, please save us.’ ‘Tom, you are the chosen hero who has recovered the Sword of Infinite Holiness Beloved.’ ‘Tom’ this and ‘Tom’ that.

Great review, Tom. I’d been debating going looking for a Wii at walmart tonight and your review has steeled my resolve to do so.

Good review, but I’m surprised you spent so few words talking about the interface withe the wiimote and how that all worked. Seems like that’s something on everyone’s mind.

Great review Tom, but yeah, I’m still wondering exactly how well that Wiimote works with this game. Gamespot’s review sort of depressed me a bit.

Hey, Tom–you have an HDTV, right? How do the Wii games look on a high def display?

The review was useful, but it didn’t sell me on getting a Wii at all. Seems like I might as well wait for the gamecube version.

I won’t be buying a Wii for this, either.

I will be dusting off my Gamecube for one last hurrah.

A glorious, Legend of Zelda hurrah.

Is the Wii version widescreen? While I don’t know that it would make the Wii worth it, it would help.

Alas, my Gamecube is dead. But whether it be on my shiny new Wii or a replacement Gamecube, I will without question be getting this game. By all accounts it’ll give me that same feeling I got in middle school when I first played Ocarina of Time.

Yes. 16:9 and also 480p (requires component cable I think)

So disappointed that this game doesn’t support widescreen on the gamecube, or a normal controller on the Wii. Sigh.

I saw it on a small HDTV and it looked nice enough - not HD mut not unpleasant either.

But I must admit I didn’t find the controls as intuitive as heralded and my right arm hurt after 10 minutes… but bear in mind that I’m not much of a console gamer, so a regular controller with all it’s buttons also takes me a while to get used to and I haven’t spent that much time with the Wii.

From what I’ve read, a lot of people seem to initially overcompensate with too much movement. It sounds to me like Zelda will be the one to maybe prove that wrong once people settle in. I know Tom said in another post here that he was able to play it just lounging on couch with no extreme movements and I remember that Chris Kohler of Wired said the same thing.

Holy Jeebus, I’m OLD!

Nahh, I’m just a whippersnapper.

I didn’t mean to date myself, but I make no secret of it either.

Sounds like what many of us expected - yet another well-executed retread in the Zelda universe.

One question, though - why did Nintendo decide to triple the size of it for TP? Did anyone really ever ask for a 50+ hour Zelda game? OoT at 25 hours was perfect. I bought a GameCube to play this but I highly doubt I will ever finish it.

Raises hand.

Yeah, I have the same concern. I prefer my narrative games to be less than 20 hours because I typically lose interest in longer games. Most of the time games (particularly RPGs) run out of good ideas before they run out of content and I end up bored and I quit.

I’m willing to risk it on Zelda though. :) If they can keep me playing to the end, it’ll be a serious accomplishment.

They’ve been making this game for the last couple of years. I have faith.

So you don’t want shorter games, you want better games. Say that.