Zen Studios' Alien vs Pinball pack cries, "Game on, man, game on!"

Title Zen Studios' Alien vs Pinball pack cries, "Game on, man, game on!"
Author Tom Chick
Posted in News
When April 13, 2016

Zen Studios' latest pinball tables have been mostly bright colorful affairs full of fluttering cheerfulness, swashbuckling, derring-do, adventure, and other qualities befitting a company enjoying lots of success with Disney properties like Star Wars and Marvel..

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Super trailer. I haven't played video pinball games since The Williams Collection many years ago. I think this might bring me back.

Aliens is the greatest action movie ever made. Before you argue with me just keep in mind that you're wrong.

Glad to see Alien: Isolation getting some love. I know not everyone was into it, but I was extremely impressed by it and thought it worked really well as both a game and a sequel to the original film.

"I'[m] even looking forward to that table"

You make a compelling case, Mr. Boodoo. And I bet comments like yours -- someone who hasn't been playing their tables deciding to maybe get one -- are music to Zen's ears!

Agreed. It's probably the best movie tie-in game I've ever played, made 30-odd years later, no less. It sagged a bit in the last third, but frankly "it sagged a bit in the last third" applies to nearly every game ever made.