Zen Studios and Pinball FX3 decide zen is not enough


Just to clarify, on each table there’s some grayed out properties at the top, and then 6 properties at the bottom. Those 6 properties, I can select all 6 if I want. The two at the top always stay grayed out. Those will presumably eventually unlock and those are the ones where you can only pick two bonuses? So those 6 bonuses at the bottom can all stay active at the same time as the two above?

Gosh, that’s so hard to describe.


Yeah, classic rules for life.


No, the six at the bottom are the ones where you can only select two. If you try to select all of them, the older ones silently deactivate. The ones up top are the active powers.


The top row are special powers you can fire off during a table session once, but you have to unlock them first by playing some challenges.

The bottom set of unlocks gain XP and get better just by normally playing, but you can only ever enable two during a table session.


I’ll just stick with The Pinball Arcade, thanks.


PBFX3 gets my vote for 2017 Game of the Year! Zen Studios can do no wrong when it comes to pinball. Love it.


This was a great read. Thank you @tomchick


Rocky and Bullwinkle never even made it to the Xbox One version of FX2. It was an awful table. Super hard, which doesn’t fit the property and a bug fix resulted in high scores being wiped by Zen.

Now that they’ve patched the Xbone version, I am enjoying FX3 a lot. I really miss the South Park tables, though.


Sorcerer’s Lair doesn’t seem to have come across. Bummer!


Sorcerer’s Lair is the free table this time that comes will all downloads of Pinball FX3.


Awesome! I didn’t see it in the DLC so I was disappointed.


I am totally going to get sucked into this again, but, I need friends to compete with: steam id is manresa, PlayStation is zovietfrance, Xbox is abruzziridge (and yes, I have Pinball FX on all three of those, even though the Xbox isn’t even hooked up at the moment.)


One thing I do find I’m liking about the 3- and 5- minute modes is that I get to see things on the tables that I’m not good enough to stay alive for in classic mode.


Hi all, I’d love to add more Pinball FX3 steam friends for high score chases, etc. My Steam ID is Traffe. Feel free to hit me up.

(Tom Chick and Manresa, I already sent friend requests)


Two new tables are free for a limited time.




Adding to cart using that steam page makes it show up in the cart not as free. I was able to go directly to this page and hit the download button: http://store.steampowered.com/app/750060/Pinball_FX3__Carnivals_and_Legends/
This will prompt you to install it (which you can ignore), but will activate it on your account.


Pinball FX3 is out on Switch now as well, and these two new tables are free there as well.


Arggh. The assholes got rid of the pulling back your mouse to launch the ball control scheme. Fuck. It was the only way I was ever able to get those initial skillshots. Those Dickpigcuntwipebastardcowsuckerfuckers.

Also I continue to be bad at pinball.


Use a controller! The triggers give you that same kind of control.


I’m curious, for those of you using switch, which view angle do you feel most comfortable with? I like 1w on docked mode, but I find it is a little too zoomed out for handheld.