Zeno Clash 2

I’m at work, so I can’t watch the trailer :(

[I]Sequel to the award-winning indie first-person melee brawler is Zeno Clash II from Chilean developers, ACE Team. The world of Zenozoik comes alive like never before, an open world waiting to be explored, rendered with breathtaking splendor. As Ghat, players can fully and freely explore every natural and architectural wonder his world has to offer. In addition to most of the characters, enemies, and items from the first game—all of which return with dramatic visual enhancement—Ghat can also expect to encounter awe-inspiring new sights, jaw-dropping new creature designs, and wildly creative new weapons and items.

Available early 2013 on Xbox LIVE Arcade, PlayStation Store, and Steam.[/I]

Also coop, from EG

The ACE Team developed sequel to the indie first-person melee brawler features co-operative multiplayer and an open world.
You play Ghat, and are free to explore the world. Characters and enemies have seen a visual improvement, and there are new weapons and items.
The first-person brawler mechanics have been refined, with the lock-on mechanic improved. There’s new RPG elements, too. The multiplayer is drop-in/drop-out online co-op. Ghat is joined by his sister Rimat.

Ghat is joined by his sister Rimat.

… She beat me up so many, many times in the first game. Seriously, the last fight with her was 500% harder than everything else in the game or something.

Co-op sounds perfect for this. But I’m guessing we’ll need two copies even though we’ll be playing in the same room, so I think we’ll be skipping this until the inevitable $5 sale.

Was the first one any good?
I missed it.

It had its own strong points like the quirky art direction, the also weird story, and the competent first person melee system.

It’s a game you should buy for next time you have a couple of hours to kill.

The art direction isn’t AAA competent and it’s obvious it wasn’t made on any kind of budget, but it’s not half bad (pretty amazing for a first effort really, which I gather it was) and every aspect of the game thoroughly embraces a cutesy surreal art style. This makes it about 5,000 times easier on the senses than almost all video games.

First Person Melee mechanics almost without exception leaves pretty much everything to be desired. Zeno Clash isn’t without its more than fair share of gameplay flaws, but chances are it’s about 5,000 times better than anything you’ve tried (unless you’ve played Severance or something). And while it’s pretty simplistic and easy to master, it’s just about exactly right for the very short game (4-6 hours, I think) that it is.

So… Buy it. It’s one of those games that whether you think you’ll like it or not, it’s an experience you should have.

Zeno Clash 2 is out today. I am pretty excited about this. The first game does not qualify as great but in thrums with such a unique heart that I couldn’t help but love it.

It aslo reminds me of a certain style of late '50s early '60 SF. For anouther sample check out this reading of The Legend of Smith’s Burst by Brian Aldiss. The reading starts around the 12:40 timestamp http://radiovalencia.fm/podcasts/?episode=9334

Ohh, RPS says it isn’t as good

I purchased the first game based on the art style I saw in screenshots. Playing through it like a virtual art installation was worth the $5 I paid. The gameplay itself was terrible though so I’m not surprised that the sequel isn’t good.

I’ll probably do the same thing I did before. Buy this for $5 just to see the art direction and to give the devs a little something for just trying something different.

A FPS brawler isn’t an easy thing to do, but I thought these guys did an okay job with the first one. It would have benefitted from being a little faster paced, I think, but the core mechanics worked. The gunplay was horrendous, though, which is a shame because the guns were always pretty cool. The voice acting was really bad too.

Personally, I hated the world and thought it was incredibly off putting and strange.

2 player coop mode might be fun, but I can’t get any of my friends to buy it with me because they also think it looks weird.

I put a few hours into this. I enjoyed the first game for a little while, but the combat just didn’t click with me.

This time around I’m really enjoying the combat. It might have to do with the fact that I’m playing with a 360 controller instead of KB/M this time, or the way the combat system works overall. I’m not really sure what specific thing I didn’t like in the first game as it was so long ago.

Overall, I like it. Definitely going to keep playing it.

After using the Rift, I can’t help but think how awesome this game would be with one.